3 new TA's for me

Paul Logan

Hi all,

three new UL TA catches for me last night including my best yet.

930 CFBC St. John NB, 04:30 "Oldies 93 CFBC" No sign of CJYQ.
650 CKGA Gander, NL, 03:55 "VOCM 590"

and this beauty : )

1110 WBT Charlotte, NC, 06:25, sounded like C2C show. 3664 miles / 5896 km

all barefoot on my new Sony SRF 39FP, kindly supplied by Gary De Bock.

Im absolutely in love with this little marvel, it looks cool, sounds great and seems to just edge out the SRF59 in the selectivity stakes.

IF only I could turn all the Euro stations off -  I hear so many hets on Freqs that I just cant get at.

Oh well such is a dxer's lot.


Paul Logan,
Lisnaskea, N. Ireland

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