20 Inch Loopstick Overloads SRF-39FP

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     Apparently not even the crunch-resistant CXA1129 chip can handle the mega-RF from a 20 inch loopstick.
     Working OK until the 1400 kHz trimmer was peaked, the huge RF onslaught finally did in the CXA1129 "radio on a chip," and the "birdies" started to fly.  This is not the first time that the mega-loopsticks have overloaded the CXA1129;  but some of the IC chips are apparently more crunch-proof than others, and the 14-inch loopstick model has never had any problems.  Two of the four 7-inch models had minor birdies, but the other two were essentially free of spurs.  If you are considering a loopstick transplant, it's kind of an uncertainty as to whether your CXA1129 can handle the extreme RF levels.  If not, you can always reconnect it in stock form.
     The 20-inch loopstick may need to give its mega-RF to a different SRF-39FP, or if not possible, maybe a DT-200VX or E100.  Sooner or later, it should find a nice home.
                                                                                                        73,  Gary    

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