20.25" Loopstick Successfully Tansplanted into SRF-39FP

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     The fanatical mega-loopstick experimentation with the SRF-39FP has reached a new level (perhaps along with the eccentricity of the experimentor).
     Using two 7" and one 6.25" ferrite bars tightly taped together (then reinforced by thick rubber hose), a monster 20.25" ferrite bar was created, and an LCR meter was used to precisely adjust recycled coils to match the inductances on the stock 1.75" ferrite midget bar.  After full alignment, the resulting DX monster smoked a fully-aligned ICF-2010 on all frequencies in sensitivity, providing solid copy of signals at the 2010's noise level.  A fully-aligned ICF-S5W tried but failed to compete on the lower frequencies, then got smoked on the upper frequencies.
     Being fully aware that this experimentation has gone well past the point of reason, I think it's time to quit for a while, before the loopsticks fail to fit through a standard doorway.  A general article describing these experiments should be finished for dxer.ca shortly, but if any tinkerer desires specific instructions on how to create one of these DX monsters, please contact me, and specify the loopstick size planned (7", 14" or 20"). It is suggested that multiple SRF-39FP's be ordered off of eBay, if you have a risk of becoming a sensitivity fanatic (like yours truly).
                                                                              73,  Gary      

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