loggings Mar 31/08

Allen Willie

Heard on the SRF-39FP barefoot last night as follows:

March 31/08

00:04 UTC 891 khz ALGERIA , RTA 1 Alger w/ news headlines in arabic
with tones between each ; fair

00:34 UTC 920 khz CJCH, Halifax Nova Scotia w/ "The Greatest Oldies
of All time 920 - CJCH " ID ; good (even as close as this one is, in
here only occasionally)

00:36 UTC 864 khz FRANCE, Le City Radio de Paris w/ song vocal by
male, ID , french talk ; fair

00:38 UTC 990 khz CKGM, Montreal, Que w/ Washington Nationals
baseball; signal almost over CBC station in Cornerbrook when radio is
turned ; good

00:54 UTC 1548 khz KUWAIT , Radio Sawa w/ pop hits in arabic and
english ; Radio Sawa ID ; very strong for a good while

03:24 UTC 1548 khz MOLDOVA , relay of Voice of Russia w/ english
program to close " Voice of Russia World Service " ID ; good

(Amazing how a couple hours later on same frequency can produce
another strong signal from elsewhere ) as above on 1548

03:52 UTC 720 khz GREENLAND, Simmiutaq w/ danish or greenlandic
language; good (this ones been hard to hear amongst the hash lately)

04:04 UTC 549 khz ALGERIA , RTA 1 S. Hammadouche w/ arabic chants and
commentary by man ; good

73 Allen Willie VO1-001-SWL
St. John's, Newfoundland
SRF-39FP barefoot