Thanks for the invitation

Dennis Gibson <wb6tnb@...>

Thanks to whoever invited me to join this group.

I probably haven't used either my SRF-59 or SRF-39FP nearly as much as
most of you. Everyone I've shown the FP to thinks it's very cool
looking especially after I tell them why it's transparent and show
them that the ear buds, cord and plug are also transparent. I'm not
sure what you could hide in there that could be considered dangerous.
I really dislike ear buds and use my very best Sennheiser headphones.
Well engineered stations sound awesome.

I haven't done a daytime bandscan with either one. I haven't tried
using the Select-a-Tenna with them although I'm sure it will help.

I don't open up radios because disaster is certain to follow. When my
life gets a little less complicated I'll have Gary work his magic on both.