Good Feeling


Hello friends

I have many receivers, my wife says too many. But no one of these
DE1103, Redsun 2100, or more sophisticated receivers gives me
such a good feeling as a SRF-59 or SRF-39.

Of course a DE1103 is a fantastic receiver, much better than our
beloved Sonys. But using it I am never shure if it works really
at its best. Was I lucky, when I got it, or was that particular
one a bad aligned one? Align it myself is far beyond my possibilities.
So it is with all my receivers and often I think they should do better,
perhaps performance got worse with age.....

The Sonys are quite easy to align thanks to the good work of and with a Signal Generator and a DVM it can be done
quite precisely. Having done it I know, that my little machine
works at its best. For a long time I haven't experienced such a
good feeling with a receiver.