1620 mystery.....2 UNID Spanish stations..... need help.


Hey the time I write this I has two strong Spanish language stations from my location in Springboro, Ohio. One due East-West, the other SSW. The only infor I can find is one station in Mexico and the other US Virgin Islands.... And other possibilities???



Alex N8UCN



There are 3 Radio Rebelde transmitters from Cuba on 1620.  Powers are not listed in 2021 WRTH.  You can listen to Radio Rebelde on 5025 kHz shortwave and parallel with 1620.  There is also a Radio Bayamo from Cuba on 1620, poer unknown.  

WDHP from St Croix, Virgin Islands was in English when I logged them years ago.

Not sure on the East-West signal.


Paul S. in CT

With WDND silent, you probably have two Cuban Radio Stations. Last time I heard WDHP, they were English, but on Sundays they did b'cast in Creole and Spanish on occasion. Since the hurricanes through that area, they have only recently reactived (I don't know when).

Paul S. in CT FN31nl