Tonight's SUNSET DX on Ultralight...2 NEW ONES........

robert ross

HI Guys:

Got a chance to do some Ultralight SUNSET DXing again tonight and
managed to bag 2 NEW ones for the ULR Log.....which were also ONE NEW STN
for the OVERALL LOG....and a CALL CHANGE for the OVERALL LOG. Conditions
seem to be picking least at Sunset it seems.

This Brings the Ultralight Log Total to........... 460 Stations heard.

Tonight I was using the SONY SRF-T615 Ultralight Receiver (Barefoot).

Here's what was heard...........


1300 WXRL Lancaster, NY Sept/09/08 1910 EDT EE GOOD
BLUEGRASS Program. Music by Rhonda Vincent. Bluegrass related Spots.
Spot for "Planet Bluegrass" and "bluegrass DOT com". URL Given.
Beaming E/W.

NEW STN to OVERALL LOG ULR # 459 heard 5KW/2.5KW N
1520 WJMP Kent, OHIO Sept/09/08 1927 EDT EE VG
"Fox Sports 1520 Weather Forecast" with John ?? @ 1927 EDT.
IRS/TAX Spot. Ad for Dish Network. Sign-Off @ 1929 EDT.
ID as "WJMP Kent/Akron Fox Sports 1520. We Broadcast during the Day....
Join Us Tomorrow for......." Sign Off @ 1929 EDT.



Robert S. Ross VA3SW
Box 1003, Stn. B.
London, Ontario

Antique/Vintage Radio Enthusiast
Amateur Radio Stations VA3SW/VE3JFC

Defy Physics.....Play Table Tennis!! (Ping Pong with an Attitude)

Re: DT-400W IF Filter Upgrades (was Sony ICF-E10W)

Stephan Grossklass

--- In ultralightdx@..., Richard Berler <lrdheat@...> wrote:

--- On Mon, 9/8/08, D1028Gary@... <D1028Gary@...> wrote:

Upgraded IF filters, by themselves, provide selectivity
improvements, but usually no benefit in signal- pulling power.
Larger and more effective loopsticks, by themseleves, provide great
increases in sensitivity, but no benefit in selectivity.
Thanks, Gary...I was wondering if the filter upgrades could lessen
sensitivity. When I talked to Sangean about a more narrow filter for
the PR-D5, they said that they could put in such a filter for me, but
I would be trading selectivity for sensitivity. I do not have a
knowledge of electronics, and have no way of knowing if that is the
whole story, or if filters, properly chosen, could be deployed
without a loss of sensitivity.
While filters with more elements do tend to have higher insertion
loss, this does not appear to be much of an issue in real life
these days. Usually you have the same specified upper limit
regardless of whether you're looking at a filter with 4 or 6
elements, with values not getting much higher for ones with yet
more elements. If anything, I would expect a loss of no more than
2 dB or thereabouts - entirely uncritical in any but the most
gain-deficient receivers.

What's helpful in filter mods is that unlike 2-element cheapies,
most any Chinese 4 element filters (as well as reasonably narrow
Muratas) are designed for input and output impedances of 2 kOhm,
a common value among higher-performance substitutes. A mismatch
would not benefit insertion loss and passband ripple, although
the effect on ripple can be expected to lessen with the number of
filter elements. (It would certainly be interesting to look at
the overall filter passband in a modified SRF-M37 or similar -
some set with a 2-element stock filter - using a sweep generator
and scope.)


RadioLabs No Longer Selling Filters and Parts

Guy Atkins

A reply I received from RadioLabs this morning seemed to indicate they not
only couldn't they supply the specific filter I
was asking about, they won't be selling any parts to hobbyists. I contacted
them again for clarification and received this

"Dear Guy: Yes- feel free to tell them (radio clubs & hobby forums -g.a.)
that we no longer supply ceramic filters, or
even individual parts. What's on the site is really what we have. Thanks
for doing that for us. Best regards, Jess P.,
RadioLabs International Inc."

There goes another source for filters down the drain!

Two vendors to contact, though, are and I have bought 450 and
455 kHz filters from both companies recently, but you need to do your
research on the Web to find out exact filter
specs before buying. In the case of ICOM, some of their receivers and
transceivers have useful filters in their SSB, S-AM,
and AM circuitry and the ICOM headquarters stocks replacements that can be
used successfully to improve Ultralight

Guy Atkins
Puyallup, WA USA

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Re: DT-400W IF Filter Upgrades (was Sony ICF-E10W)


--- On Mon, 9/8/08, D1028Gary@... wrote:
From: D1028Gary@...
Subject: [ultralightdx] DT-400W IF Filter Upgrades (was Sony ICF-E10W)
To: ultralightdx@...
Date: Monday, September 8, 2008, 11:22 PM

     Upgraded IF filters, by themselves, provide selectivity improvements, but usually no benefit in signal- pulling power.  Larger and more effective loopsticks, by themseleves, provide great increases in sensitivity, but no benefit in selectivity. 
Thanks, Gary...I was wondering if the filter upgrades could lessen sensitivity. When I talked to Sangean about a more narrow filter for the PR-D5, they said that they could put in such a filter for me, but I would be trading selectivity for sensitivity. I do not have a knowledge of electronics, and have no way of knowing if that is the whole story, or if filters, properly chosen, could be deployed without a loss of sensitivity.

Re: DT-400W IF Filter Upgrades (was Sony ICF-E10W)

Gary DeBock

Hello Richard,
     Most replacement IF filters do indeed have some "insertion loss," or a reduction in the incoming signal strength when it passes through the filter.  The amount of insertion loss depends on the actual filter design.
     If an IF filter is installed in an Ultralight radio without an antenna improvement, the sensitivity might indeed be degraded.  On the other hand, installing a monster loopstick without installing an improved IF filter might degrade the selectivity. 
     The most important lesson that Ultralight experimenters have learned so far this year (at least this Ultralight experimenter) is that to really transform a pocket radio into a phenomenal DX performer, you need BOTH an upgraded IF filter AND a more effective loopstick.  With the E100 design, Guy Atkins, John Bryant and I got extremely lucky by accomplishing a "home run" in both selectivity and sensitivity.  With other designs like the DT-400W (with its 450 kHz IF), it's doubtful that we can be so lucky.  But that probably won't keep us from trying :>)
     73, Gary   

Re: 1160 KSL Salt Lake City, Utah

Gil Stacy

You may be closer to Europe than the rest of us, with a good
watershot, but a signal from SLC to you passes over a lot of dirt and
through a passel of other signals. Are sitting on top of a
wavemagnet? ;) Nice catch.
73 Gil

1160 KSL Salt Lake City, Utah

Allen Willie

   Hi Guys,
  If anyone needs Utah  for a state on Ultralight, a couple mornings including last night I logged it with decent signal at 7:30 UTC  or around 5 AM Newfoundland Time ( 3:30 AM  Eastern) .....Good Luck
Allen Willie
St. John's, Newfoundland
SRF-M37V barefoot

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My ULR DX Season has Started...2 NEW Ones at Sunset!!!!!

robert ross

Hi Guys:

Tonight I hunkered in for some SUNSET SKIP DXing with the Ultralight
Sangean DT-400W. This is the first time since the radio arrived that I have
really sat down and looked around to see what it can do. So far...I am
quite happy with it. Logged 2 NEW Stations for the ULR Log...and 1 of those
is NEW to the OVERALL Log. The Nulling Capabilites are good, it is very
sensitive.....but still has some selectivity problems...especially next to
adjacent frequencies. But hey..2 new ones in an hours listening is OK on
any radio!!

This brings my Ultralight Stations Heard Total up to ..............458

Here's what I logged tonight.......


RADIO USED for this Session..........SANGEAN DT-400W BAREFOOT

1120 WBBF Buffalo, NY Sept/08/08 1904 EDT FAIR SPANISH
Lively Spanish Music and Vocals. Several Songs played.. Male DJ spoke Spanish
Beaming E/W. QSB Severe at times.

1340 WBBL Grand Rapids, MICH Sept/08/08 1925 EDT GOOD EE
"Fox National Sports Report Starts right now". Female with Sports News items.
@ 1925 EDT. Tom Brady out for the Season due to Injury.
ID as "The Ball".
Beaming E/W. Faded into the Woodwork after the Sports Report.



Robert S. Ross VA3SW
Box 1003, Stn. B.
London, Ontario

Antique/Vintage Radio Enthusiast
Amateur Radio Stations VA3SW/VE3JFC

Defy Physics.....Play Table Tennis!! (Ping Pong with an Attitude)

DT-400W IF Filter Upgrades (was Sony ICF-E10W)

Gary DeBock

Hi Richard,
      Upgrade IF filters to improve selectivity must be designed for the Ultralight radio's actual IF, which is 450 kHz for the DT-400W and most other Ultralights.  There is a limited selection of 450 kHz upgrade filters, some of which could improve upon the stock DT-400W's selectivity.  Guy Atkins (a local Puyallup, WA resident with extensive IF filter experience) designed a modification last spring for the DT-200VX, which improved upon the stock selectivity significantly.  The same Murata 4-pole (I believe) 450 kHz filter would also improve the DT-400W's selectivity. But none of the 450 kHz IF filters would be nearly so effective as the 455 kHz IF filter we three (John, Guy and myself) have installed into the E100, according to Guy.
     Upgraded IF filters, by themselves, provide selectivity improvements, but usually no benefit in signal- pulling power.  Larger and more effective loopsticks, by themseleves, provide great increases in sensitivity, but no benefit in selectivity.  But when they are combined together, the DX effectiveness is overwhelming, such as in the modified E100 that John, Guy and I are using.  The E100's 455 kHz IF made it possible for Guy to choose an extremely effective Murata filter (the same one used in the Eton E1).  The experimental invention of the "Slider" loopstick happened about the same time, making the E100 ultra-sensitive.  Full articles about this "wildcat" E100 will appear shortly in the AM-DX club bulletins.  My own model has logged 30 TP stations in only three months, before the DX season even starts.  We hope you all will have so much fun!
     73,  Gary



Dear Folks,
I have a SONY ICF-E10W that I purchased in 1983 or 84. A google search revealed a picture of the radi (click on the image for a larger view):
It is about the same size as a Sangean 200 or 400 series radio; perhaps a little slimmer. The radio uses 2 AAA's, and lasts about 40 hours. It is mono, speakerless, and analog. What I find that is remarkable is that (with a finger placed on the right portion of the thin bottom side of the radio) the radio is notably more sensitive than the 200's and 400's, particularly above 800 KHz, and is exceptional with regard to selectivity, and dealing with weak signals in the shadow of a local. For example, during the daytime, 11 KW KDRY in San Antonio is clear with little trace of a 1 KW station in Nuevo Laredo (I am in Laredo,TX) on the E10W. The SONY ICF-S5W and SONY ICF-EX5 can also hear KDRY with little QRM; the Sangean PR-D5 hears KDRY with a bit more QRM from the local on 1090. The Sangean 200 and 400 ulr's cannot discern KDRY through the 1090 splatter. Another example is nighttime: On the E10W, I can hear a Mexican on 1500, and occasionaly KSTP, Minneapolis 1500 with no QRM from our 1KW local on 1490 KHz. Indeed, at night, I can hear 1500 in the clear on a full 360 sweep as opposed to a small portion of a 360 sweep. My 200 and 400's cannot discern a station under the 1490 splatter. The Sangean PR-D5 cannot produce a null on 1500 from my location as well. The S5W and EX5 can hear 1500 with the EX5 producing a full 360 sweep of availability of 1500, the S5W nearly so.
If anybody runs into this set, it is exceptional.
Does anybody know if the DT-400W can accept a 6 gang? filter instead of a 2 gang (is that the correct term?) stock? How about the 2.6KHz wide Murata? Would either of these filters fit, but perhaps, reduce the native sensitivity of the 400, or for that matter, a PR-D5?
Richard "Heatwave" Berler

[IRCA] Grayland logs from August 19, 20, 21, 22

John H. Bryant <bjohnorcas@...>


I meant to have sent these out earlier. All receptions were on an E100 modified with a 2.6 kHz Murata IF filter and connected directly to a Wellbrook Phased Array pointed either NW to Asia or SW to Australia.

567 JOIK, NHK1 Sapporo Japan      8/22/2008 1226 NHK1 //594
648 V. of Russia Ussur, Sib. Russia 8/21/2008 1300 Russian M. approaching TOH; Bells of Moscow?
693 JOAB Tokyo Japan                   8/19/2008 1145 NHK 2 EE Lessons
729 5RN Adelaide Australia           8/21/2008 1331 "ABC News" with M+W
738 Taiwan Fish. Baisha Taiwan    8/21/2008 1307 CC talk // weaker 1143
747 JOIB NHK2 Sapporo Japan        8/20/2008 1154   Fem in JJ //828
801 KTWG Agana Guam                 8/22/2008 1328 Franchise Christian programs change at 1330
819 KCBS Pyongyang North Korea 8/21/2008 1151 Hrd. On 818. Typical NK martial orchestral music
837 CNR5? Zangban? China             8/21/2008 1125 Man Talk. Prob. new station to Taiwan from Fujian
855 4QB Pialba Australia                8/22/2008 1340 // stronger 1548 with Local ABC net programming
873 JOGB NHK2 Kumamoto Japan 8/21/2008 1220 Int. EE lessons //774
891 JOHK Sendai Japan                  8/19/2008 1323 NHK1 Talk//594
918 CNR2 China                             8/20/2008 1123   CC Talk, paralleled later
936 Anhui RGD Hefei China           8/22/2008 1234 CC Talk
954 JOKR Tokyo Japan                   8/20/2008 1240   Olympics in JJ + Commercials
963 CRI RR Svc Manchuria? China  8/19/2008 1202 News in RR: First China
981 CNR1 Multiple Sites China      8/20/2008 1125   M+W // 5030
972 HLCA Dangjin South Korea      8/19/2008 1207 Talk in KK ID @ 1300
1008 JONR Osaka Japan                 8/20/2008 1242   Male in JJ
1017 CRI KK Svc Changchun China  8/19/2008 1219 Talk in Korean
1035 HLCP P'ohang South Korea    8/19/2008 1307 KBS1 //1305
1044 CRI JapanSvc Changzhou China 8/20/2008 1127   M in JJ
1053 Jam Synchro Multiple Sites South Korea  8/19/2008 1230 Buzzzzz
1062 HLKQ Cheongju South Korea 8/20/2008 1245   Olympics in KK //972 (!)
1098 MIBC Majuro Marshall Isl's    8/20/2008 1129    Cont. Isl. Music Slight under mod
1107 2EA Sydney Australia             8/20/2008 1350   DU phone interview
1143 Taiwan Fish. Baisha Taiwan   8/21/2008 1310 CC talk // stronger 738
1143 4HI Emerald Australia              8/21/2008 1344 IDs, slogans, Oldies
1179 JOOR Osaka Japan                 8/20/2008 1248   M+W in JJ. Hrd on 1178
1206 Yangbian RGD Yanji China    8/20/2008 1200   KK Svc. Caught TOH on 1205.96
1215 CNR2 Shenyang China            8/19/2008 1241 CC Talk
1224 JOJK NHK1 Kanazawa Japan  8/20/2008 1309   Olympics in JJ //594
1242 JOLF Tokyo Japan                  8/19/2008 1232 JJ Talk
1269 HBC Synch Obihiro ? Japan    8/20/2008 1137   Olympics in JJ //1287
1278 JOFR Fukuoka Japan                 8/21/2008 1234 Olympic coverage JJ. Also maybe Heibei
1287 JOHR Sapporo Japan             8/19/2008 1234 JJ Talk
1305 HLSV Uljin South Korea        8/19/2008 1307 KBS1 //1035
1314 JOUF Osaka Japan                     8/22/2008 1248 JJ Romantic Play (Soap Opera)
1323 GovoritPekin Shuanghyashan? China 8/21/2008 1158 Quiet mx to TOH, then Russian male ann.
1332 JOSF Nagoya Japan               8/19/2008 1310 JJ Talk
1350 JOER Hiroshima Japan           8/19/2008 1312 JJ Talk
1377 CNR1 Shijiazhuang? China   8/20/2008 1200   Olympics in CC //5030
1386 NHK2 Synchro Japan             8/19/2008 1243 EE Lesson
1422 JORF Yokohama Japan            8/19/2008 1314 JJ Talk 50th TP
1440 JOWF Sapporo Japan            8/20/2008 1321   Completely on top at dawn! JJ talk
1475 RTM Labuan Kota Kinabalu East Malaysia 8/21/2008 1144 Hrd. On 1474 to miss 1476 QRM. Slight undermod
1503 JOUK NHK1 Akita Japan        8/20/2008 1140   Olympics in JJ //594//1287!!
1512 2RN Newcastle Australia     8/19/2008 1330 Aussie Talk
1548 4QD Emerald Australia         8/20/2008 1325   Olympics in Aussie
1557 WYFR Fam.Rad Kouhu Taiwan 8/22/2008 1258 Hymn, Fam.Radio TS, then CC talk by fem
1566 HLAZ* Cheju Isl.* South Korea*  8/21/2008 1241 Heard Barefoot: T615; Was S-8 on 313e
1575 VOA Ayutthaya Thailand     8/19/2008 1209 Talk in lang: First Thai
1593 CNR1 Changzhou China        8/20/2008 1150   M+W //5030
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Re: Robert Ross 30 Day Challenge


Congratulations Allen, logging 300 stations in only a few days is
quite an accomplishment. I'm still hoping to log 300 within six
months. Maybe I need to come to the shore of Newfoundland. Best
wishes and good DX.

Richard Allen.

Results of hunting for TP's

Dennis Gibson <wb6tnb@...>

Is it possible that at the beach starting about half an hour before
sunrise I heard more than two dozen TP carriers on a barefoot Sony
2010? They were all pretty weak and none yielded any audio. I started
at the top of the band, which seemed logical at the time. Looking back
at it that was possibly a serious mistake. Which end should I start
at? I listened from 1310 to 1342; comparing that to other logs that's
too late.

At home about an hour before sunrise I had a huge carrier on 549 on
the barefoot 2010 but there was little to no audio. I heard what
sounded like some sort of Oriental music. 550 was weaker but had
plenty of audio. I didn't even try 549 on the DT-400W at home because
the 2010 could barely separate them and a DT-400W isn't going to
separate two stations 1 KHz. apart. I keep seeing logs that say a
carrier was quite strong but there was little or no audio. What would
cause that?

I think I need to start earlier next time. I thought Gary said be
there half an hour before sunrise, which is what I did. By that time
the huge carrier on 549 was pretty weak.


Re: Results of hunting for TP's

Gary DeBock

Hi Dennis,
     The TP's this morning sounded pretty anemic to me, compared to yesterday.  When chasing TP's with stock Ultralights, you are really at the mercy of propagation.  If you had tried yesterday (like Colin in Victoria, BC, who was thrilled to log JOIB-747 and JOUB-774 for his first stock Ultralight TP's), you might have scored big.
     Anyway, you'll have many more great chances coming up!  When using the 2010 as a spotting receiver, I put all the powerhouse TP frequencies in the 2010's upper memory buttons, in SSB mode.  You can check all of them for carrier strength within a minute.  If they all sound hopeless 30 minutes before sunrise, propagation is probably in the tank.  For me, that means pulling the switch.
     If your frequencies like 747, 774 and 828 show some fairly strong SSB carriers 30 minutes before sunrise, head for that beach!  Don't tune from the top of the band (or bottom of the band), just keep checking your Powerhouse TP frequencies in memory, and wait for one of them to come up to audio level.  Then, when audio is sufficiently strong on the 2010, go get them with your Ultralight.
     There is no doubt that you will have many chances to log booming TP's this fall, Dennis!  Follow the steps above, and you'll nail them very soon.
     73,  Gary   

hrd on 1540 last night in Ohio

Tim Davisson

Guys...All I could hear on 1540 last night was
KXEL in Waterloo, Iowa and a super-strong CHIN
in Toronto...with SS music...some of which
*sounded* like it was RnB.

CHIN sounded like they were a semi-local...blasting
in here.

No sign of Bahamas.


Tim, KD8GZ
Norton, Ohio

Re: Robert Ross 30 Day Challenge

Gil Stacy

Way to go, Allen!

Re: Robert Ross 30 Day Challenge

Gil Stacy

"Gill Stacy is involved in that and could get you started. I wonder
if you could hear 300 in 30 days on a crystal set."

Evan Haydon of Lincoln NE logged 302 stations in this year's Crystal
Radio Contest. For the past 3 contests he has logged over 250
stations per year. Being in the middle US helps, but dogged
determination, time at the set both listening and developing it have
paid off handsomely for Evan. BTW, the time period is only 10 days.
Most I've logged during the same contest has been 178 on my xtl set.
There are not (m)any domestic stations to the east of me on the Ga.
coast. ;)

73 Gil

Hunting for TP

Dennis Gibson <wb6tnb@...>

In a little while (it's about an hour before sunrise) I'll be heading
for the beach (less than 5 minutes away on foot) with my stock Sony
2010 as a spotting receiver and my Sangean DT400W looking for TP. It
will be my first attempt.

At home with the 2010 barefoot I have fairly weak carriers on 972 and
774, and a huge carrier on 549 (7-8 on the 2010's signal strength
display.) There's a little audio on 549 but not enough for an ID. I
didn't expect to be able to hear any carriers at home.


Re: Robert Ross 30 Day Challenge

robert ross

At 07:12 PM 9/6/2008, Allen Willie wrote:

Hi Guys,

Good transatlantic DX in tonight early on . Logged 3 more for the Robert
Ross challenge to up my total to the Magic Number # 300 stations
and in just 13 days worth of Dxing the challenge.

My final station logged for # 300 was on 756 khz, namely R.
Euskadi Bilbao, Spain

Thanks to Robert Ross and the Ultralight Comittee for coming up with a
great idea for all of us to strive for. Really enjoyed the challenge and
looking forward to cheering on anyone else who may be attempting it now
and in the future.


Allen Willie
St. John's, Newfoundland
SRF-M37V SRF-39FP barefoot
Hello Allen:

You know.....way back in Jan/2008 before this award was even thought
of...and when I was trying to hear 300 Stations in the First month of
having my SONY SRF-59....just fort "Something to Do"......I never dreamed
of the Possibilities with one of these Little Sets! I didn't even know if I
would be able to Log 300 Stations in my Lifetime on One of these things,
let alone in 30 Days!! As the Month progressed, it became shockingly
evident that my goal was possible, and with some work could be attained.

You Allen, have taken the Earning of this Award to NEW HEIGTHS!!! Not only
have you smashed the time period have logged 300 Stations
that "ALL ULR DX'ers" would be Proud to add to their Logbooks!!

I am honoured to have you Allen Willie......added to the "300 in 30" Club,
and hope your efforts inspire a lot of other ULR Dxers to try for the award
as well.

Congratulations Allen on an Amazing Feat with a Pocket Radio that nobody
would have dreamed could hear so much!!

All I can say Allen is .......WOW!!!


Robert S. Ross VA3SW
Box 1003, Stn. B.
London, Ontario

Antique/Vintage Radio Enthusiast
Amateur Radio Stations VA3SW/VE3JFC

Defy Physics.....Play Table Tennis!! (Ping Pong with an Attitude)

Bahamas on 1540

Allen Willie

Hi Everybody,
I also just heard  Bahamas coming in on 1540 on my ultralight and bigger rig as well, mentions of Bahamas and current weather and forecast . Good signal and first time i've ever heard it in here. Thanks for the tip John   .....Country #  97  Overall on AM 
Country # 62 On  ULR's on AM
Allen Willie  VO1-001-SWL
St. John's, Newfoundland

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