Puyalup, WA Ultralight TP's for 10-30

Gary DeBock

Colin apparently picked the right time to tune in this morning as a clunker band at 1250 and 1330 finally received a potent sunrise enhancement boost. Asians which had been dead rose up out of the noise around 1400, including some relatively unusual stations like 603-China.
At first check around 1250 there was no Asian audio anywhere on the band, with only the somewhat unusual 1323 managing a decent carrier. Propagation didn't improve much by 1330, with only a few more decent carriers showing up on 972, 1017, 1044 and 1053. Just before 1400 the Asians got a potent boost, however, with 972-HLCA leading the show with good signals in and 1405. 603-China came up out of the noise all alone (no HLSA) to reach fair levels in and out, along with a presumed 738-BEL2 and 1017-CRI. The Japanese big guns didn't seem all that impressed with the situation, though, with only 594 and 747 reaching fair audio between 1400-1430. The rejuvenated Asians didn't really stick around for long, however, with almost all of them bailing by 1435 here. Best signal of the bizarre session (by far) was from 972-HLCA, with good signals in and out just after the 1400 TOH.
73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)
7.5" loopstick C.Crane Skywave Ultralight +
15" FSL antenna

Kansa TP DX 10-29-15


JOIB and JOUB were heard in Garden City KS on a barefoot Skywave receiver this morning, 10-29-15.  

JOIB heard with barely audible to poor signal //774 at 1145-1147 UTC.

JOUB with a poor to fair signal at 1143-1145 and again at 1211-1213.  

Household QRM ended the session at 1214.

Good DX.

Richard Allen,

Garden City KS USA.

Puyallup, WA Ultralight TP's for 10-29

Gary DeBock

As Walt and Colin have reported most of the Asians had already bailed by around 1400 this morning, although there were quite a collection of them about 50 minutes earlier. Similar to a Halloween movie, they behaved like ghostly creatures scared off by the daylight, with the exception of 1575-VOA (the sole survivor of a negative sunrise enhancement).
At my 1310 start time several big gun Asians were managing fair audio (594, 747, 1053, 1566 and 1575) while second-tier stations on 603, 738, 1017, 1035 and 1044 seemed ready to reach threshold level. The typical swoon happened between 1330-1400, with all of these bailing except for 1575-VOA. This lone station rode out the rest of the session with fair signals in and out until 1445, when it also packed it in. Not exactly an exciting session, but definitely better than yesterday.
1575  VOA   Rasom, Thailand   Fair level female speech in Asiatic language in and out at 1405
73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)
7.5" loopstick C.Crane Skywave Ultralight +
15" FSL antenna

Late summer / early fall UL-loggings from Arctic Norway

Hans Ostnell


It's been a while since my last posting here. Due to work and other obligations, I've been too busy to compile my loogings made in late August and onwards. Anyhow, here's a few (and very happy that I finally also got a good ID on Premi1 Mayotte on 1458 kHz! Still no QSL, though...

24.08.2015 00:28:00 1458 Premiére Mayotte Mayotte
30.08.2015 15:37:00 1575 Voice of America, Ayutthaya Thailand

16:45:00 1467 TWR, Bishkek Kyrgyzstan

16:45:00 1467 Radio Thailand, Nat. Educ. Sce., Pathum Thani Thailand

17:05:00 693 Bangladesh Betar, Dhaka Bangladesh

17:31:00 1242 All India Radio, Varanasi India

17:55:00 819 All India Radio, Delhi A India

18:05:00 810 Abu Dhabi FM, Maqtaa UAE

18:12:00 1404 Unid thai station Thailand

18:50:00 972 HLCA KBS, Dangjin So. Korea

19:08:00 1350 JOER RCC, Hiroshima Japan

19:53:00 1368 Challenger Radio, unknown location Italy

22:31:00 1584 Radio Vocea Spirantei, several tx Romania
31.08.2015 16:09:00 1566 HLAZ FEBC, Cheju So. Korea

16:10:00 1557 RTI «I Love Music», Kouhu Taiwan

17:15:00 1530 All India Radio, Agra India

17:55:00 1332 Radio Pakistan, Lahore Pakistan

18:10:00 1350 Radio Rossii, Respublika Altay, Siberia Russia

18:29:00 1305 Yan Kraw «Military Armoured Car» Radio Station Thailand

19:26:00 1197 Jor. Tor. Lor., Lop Buri Thailand
04.09.2015 18:30:00 1269 Radio Asia, Ras al-Khaimah UAE

19:08:00 1152 SIP Radio Indonesia, Ras al-Khaimah UAE

19:34:00 837 Radio Oromiya Ethiopia

19:40:00 1359 Voice of the Tigray Revolution, Mekele Ethiopia

19:50:00 918 Voice of the Dawn, Mekele Ethiopia

20:10:00 1530 Voice of America, Pinheira Sao Tomé

20:40:00 1305 KBC English Sce., Wajir Kenya
05.09.2015 16:20:00 891 Radio Thailand, Sara Buri Thailand

22:57:00 963 RTCI, Tunis Tunisia

23:10:00 1071 Radio Al Nour, Tartus Syria

23:43:00 1314 Radio Oltenia-Craiova, Craiova Romania
09.10.2015 12:00:00 680 KBRW, Barrow Alaska

13:39:00 1485 NRK Troms, Longyearbyen Svalbard / Spitsbergen

73 de Hans / LA2MOA

Vardo island, Arctic Norway

PL-380 (Supercharged) 

CC Skywave (Supercharged)

12" x 7.5" FSL

UL-loggings so far in 2015:

162 stations

54 countries

Puyallup, WA TP Carriers for 10-28

Gary DeBock

Asian conditions took a nosedive this morning as even decent carriers were tough to find. A band check at 1330 revealed only an anemic carrier on 972, with ghostly ones on 1053 and 1566. Increasing daylight at 1405 brought the 972 carrier up to a moderate level, but sank the ones on 1053 and 1566. The 972 carrier might even have reached ghostly audio for a few seconds after that if someone was inclined to stick around and wait for it-- which I definitely wasn't. Usually a clunker band here includes some type of carrier from 738-Tahiti, but even that was too much to ask for this morning. The clunker session at this lackluster location could well indicate a productive DU morning in Victoria.
73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

Re: Construction: how to shield CPU noise?


I think the Skywave already has the DSP noises well under control so I wouldn't expect much, if any improvement. But I got a huge improvement on the Eton Field 550 as I outlined in this article:

Eton/Grundig Field 550

and I would expect many other, especially earlier DSP radios with lots of spurious noises, could benefit greatly from some simple shielding.


FS: Misc Items


I am cleaning out shack:

1.    Palomar VLF Converter, 

       converts 10KHz--500 KHZ up to 4.000 KHz-4.500 KHZ

        brand new tested only works great $69.00

2.     Radio Plus Q-Stick LN $40.00

3.     PK Loop A-Loop TAM brand new $55

        Prices  postpaid in USA.  Please respond to my             

        Email............rugelj2002@....  Thank you!


Re: Mid day Quick shoot out-FARMERIK


That is one I don't have [yet]. It looks nice though. All my SONY radios are very good on battery life, and the ones which come with SONY  batteries, those cells seem to last forever. If you go to one of the SONY Corp.  sites for different continents, they always list battery life on each band in the SPECS sections , some times for both Alkaline and 'regular' batteries. It looks like this new line may replace a number of SONY models. I could not find ANY Walkman radios on SONY USA recently, but maybe I missed them. The P26 is a little larger than the Walkmans, but shirt pocket size, and the newest tiny SONY speakers are better than before.

My ICF-B08 has a speaker opening only about 1 and 1/4 inches, but the sound is not nearly as bad as I expected. That is the wind up / USB charger / LED flashlight or area light / AM FM radio with USA tuning ranges. Lots of other versions on eBay with different  tuning ranges, some have solar cells on top instead of an area LED light. Too thick to be an ULR, like the P26, but about 3X5 inches. Since I had the ICF-B08 out, I plugged in stereo head phones and both channels work, so these new models are not the first SONY portables to have stereo compatible headphone jacks on mono radios as I thought.

There are just SO MANY SONY portables in production, I know I'll never have more than a small % of them.


Re: Mid day Quick shoot out-FARMERIK


Only the PL-310ET has the Easy Tuning Method scanning built in. Last time I did both a manually tuned AM 'scan' and used the ETM feature  with the PL-310ET and there was not a big difference in results. So I just did the one PL-310 ETM scan for comparison because I figure band conditions could be different on different days.

Remember this is just a quick test, so all results could be + or - maybe 10%?

I listed them in the order I did the scans too.  If I was focused on fewer radios the scans would be closer in time. Probably would not make much difference. 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM is all Midday.

The three new SONY radio models with extremely similar specs are looking promising. Unfortunately only the smallest, the P26 should qualify as an ULR. In the evening I definitely  hear more on the largest of the three, the ICF-306. The mid size P36 is still on its way from the UK. I will compare those three if there seems to be any interest. I still can not figure out exactly what is different about them as I tune from station to station.


Re: Mid day Quick shoot out-FARMERIK


Have you tried the SRF-18? A just-larger-than-ultralight with stereo speakers. I had gotten once just before the last big NEUS storm and is ran for days on batteries when we had no power. Handled very much like a grown-up SRF-59 with speakers.


Re: Construction: how to shield CPU noise?


Thanks - sounds like a plan.


Re: Mid day Quick shoot out-FARMERIK

Clyde Smith <hkryclyde@...>

question.  was the survey done using the radios scanning features or going up the band by hand???    thanks   clyde

On Tuesday, October 27, 2015 12:46 PM, "keith1226@... [ultralightdx]" wrote:

Thanks Farmerik, that's useful information :-)

Keith B. 
Seattle WA 

Re: Mid day Quick shoot out-FARMERIK

keith beesley

Thanks Farmerik, that's useful information :-)

Keith B. 
Seattle WA 

Re: Construction: how to shield CPU noise?

Guy Atkins

I added some shielding recently between the boards of the C. Crane Skywave radio, and have made similar additions to other portables before. My usual approach is to target the DSP chip first of all, and DC-DC converters or display driver chips if I can identify them.

Sometimes the extra screening works best if it is floating (not connected to a ground point), but usually grounding the shield is the way to go.

Construction-wise, I like to make up a sandwich of thin tin sheet metal with clear plastic tape on opposite sides for insulation. For the Skywave radio I didn't have any more tin sheet metal around so I used a layer of aluminum foil with the tape on both sides. Because I couldn't solder to the aluminum, I made a mechanical connection of a short length of wire under the tape, and then routed the wire to a ground point on the Skywave.

I'm not sure I noticed any noise level improvements with the Skywave, but I felt better knowing I'd added more extensive coverage than the minimal stock shielding. With other radios the improvement has sometimes been dramatic.


Guy Atkins
Puyallup, WA

Construction: how to shield CPU noise?


I'm not talking about noise from a nearby computer. I'm referring to hash generated by the radio itself, which then finds its way into the audio output.


Rare on Tecsun radios, I've seen it with cheaper brands but most especially with Degen models. Also Kchibo. Why some brands/models handle it well, and others not, is a mystery to me.


Sometimes it can't be fixed easily. The Ccrane pocket radio suffers from it. Their solution: add a button to turn of the display. Hmm. Well, it works.


Case in point: the Degen DE-11 (Kaito KA-11), an aging, tiny little PLL multiband styled like previous better-made Sony models. All of MW, and a good portion of SW, is drowned out by buzzing unless you have an S9 signal.


If one would attempt to add a shield, where would you start? At the source (CPU? display driver chip? how to identify) or the target? Any generic pointers from someone who has successfully tackked this kind of thing.

Mid day Quick shoot out-FARMERIK


Just a 'quick' AM scan comparison from the same spot in my radio room with the radios held in the same direction just to be fair. All 'understandable' stations counted, which is subjective. I did not take the time to slowly  turn 90 degrees on each frequency  and get more stations. Testing both analog and digitally tuned radios would have been hard not to miss some without taking hours to complete the test when band conditions might have changed. This took about 1.5 hours 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM local time Mon 26 Oct 2015.

PL-310ET auto scan=16
CC Pocket=13
SONY ICF-M260=32

Just to describe the SONY models-

ICF-M260 On the market for years, digital. Selectivity not good as strong stations can be heard 10 KHz away. I was surprised how well it did. It is just about the max size for an ULR. Around $40

ICR-P15 acts completely analog, AM band only, sold in Japan for at least a few years and some times seen on eBay around $30 Shirt pocket size well under 20 CID.

ICF-P26 This is a new model sold in Europe and Asia and listed on SONY USA. eBay under $25.


Puyallup, WA Ultralight TP's for 10-26

Gary DeBock

As reported from Victoria there were some moderately interesting Asian signals this morning, with better variety than over the weekend. The mid-band Chinese stations on 1017, 1035 and 1044 made weak appearances here around 1330 while the usual NHK big guns struggled somewhat to get out of the noise. Like in Victoria 1575-VOA was the star of the session, reaching fair to good levels both in the predawn darkness and after daybreak.
The multiple CNR1 stations on 1035 managed a fair, warbling carrier at my 1320 start time, and came up to poor audio (with their typical echoes) shortly thereafter. About the same time both a presumed 1017-CRI and 1044-CRI managed threshold audio, but neither stuck around for more than a few seconds at a time. 972-HLCA, 1566-HLAZ and 1575-VOA all had good peaks in and out during this predawn darkness, but the Japanese big guns were unusually subdued. A moderate sunrise enhancement around 1410 brought 603-HLSA out of the noise to reach a temporary fair level, while the mid-band Chinese stations sunk back into the noise. 594-JOAK and 747-JOIB joined 972-HLCA and 1575-VOA with fair to good audio peaks around 1415 while a presumed 738-BEL2 and 1134-JOQR came out of the noise to reach brief threshold audio. That was pretty much the story of the session, with several weak Asians providing more variety but no really strong TP stations showing up anywhere on the band.
73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)
7.5" loopstick C.Crane Skywave Ultralight +
15" FSL antenna

Re: Sony ICF-P26


Thanks Farmerik... I also have the SRF-S84 Megabass..great little walkman
Also have the Eton G8 Traveller II.. Eton G3 Globe Traveler.. Tecsun PL-380
and Tecsun PL-600... the Eton G8 is with the rubber feel case is feeling rather
sticky case now, I will try using wet-wipes tissues to clean it... Yeuuch !!!



Oct 25 7:57 PM
Tunes and behaves differently than the SRF59. Probably competitive with it, but I no longer have the walkmen here to compare. It is close enough so it would take quite a bit of time DXing to compare them. I could do additional day time station counts, besides the PL-310 and R9012, but I have no idea what other radios people are interested in, and I don't have all that many.  I should have an ETON Traveler III here, but haven't seen it  lately.

I spent hours DXing with the SONY ICF-S22 and never heard any interest it that after I posted results here. I'd be glad to do a station count though. Just ask if I have the radio you have. - FARMERIK

Re: ETON Traveler III MISS tuning- FARMERIK



Mine does the same thing. It's annoying. I have heard of others having the same problem. Seems to be the nature of the beast.

It's a beautifully made radio otherwise. They really skimped on the tuning encoder. I expect it will fail totally in short order.




My ETON Trav III miss tunes either by skipping steps or not responding to turning the knob, and sometimes changing step after I have stopped turning the knob. Could either compressed air or DeOxit help? Or is it hopeless? - FARMERIK

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