John Cereghin <jcereghin@...>

Finally got ultralight station #800 this morning on the PL-310. It
was another HAR station from south Jersey, but a new station is a new

1620, WPTU717, Ocean City NJ, 1100, Ocean City Office of Emergency
Management, mentions of

The last 4 of my 5 new logs have been TIS/HAR stations from south Jersey.

On to 900!

John Cereghin WDX3IAO  KB3LYP
Smyrna, Delaware
My radio page (please note NEW site!)
The Ultralight Scoreboard (NEW site!)

I'm back - Two new ones for the log tonight


I've not been listening much lately - but what do you know, it's DX season again!

Two new ones for the log tonight

AM 1340, WENT Gloversville, NY - A Graveyard frequency station.
AM 1420 WRSA Saint Albans, VT

Tecsun PL 310 with a Debock version "G" Amidon antenna, peaked for LW frequencies

WENT logged 7:02PM Friday evening 165 miles away
WRSA logged 7:56PM Friday evening 252 miles away

That's numbers 302 & 303 for the Ultralight log

Twist those knobs and listen real hard

Re: Logging Question


I also use excel to log all my DX.

Take a look at the link below to my logs in the WTFDA forum to get an idea of how mine are set up.

I also create a Google Earth kmz file for everything I log. If you go to the second page in the above link you can see my log from a recent trip to Michigan to get an idea of how it looks. i have my full logs from my home qth done the same way. You can compare the excel version of the Michigan log to its GE kmz.



--- In, Anthony R Gargano <n2ss@...> wrote:

Wondering what most are using for logging. A logging program? If so, which? A simple homemade spreadsheet? If so, what does your entries layout look like?
Thanks, Tony

Anthony R Gargano

Spanish Regions


*567 RNE Murcia
*612 RNE Vitoria
*900 COPE Vigo
*936 RNE Valladolid #247

2 new ones on 1530


1530 Romania Actualitati, Mihaileni, ROU Romanian #245
1530 Pulse 2 Huddersfield, G, Rock #246
Tecsun PL-380

Sony SRF-T615 ($150) Meets the 7" FSL ($150)

Gary DeBock

Hello All,

With Canadian Customs (and eventually Rob Ross) about to receive the
first of the new Gatling-gun-like Ferrite Sleeve Loop antennas, it was
time to give Rob's new 7" FSL a final test before it heads north of the
border. To honor (honour) Rob, I chose his favorite (favourite)
Ultralight radio to run the inductive coupling demonstration-- the
legendary Sony SRF-T615.

The SRF-T615 is famous primarily because of its unique combination of
very high AM sensitivity in an extremely compact cabinet, although it
has earned additional fame because of its outstanding audio
reproduction and nulling ability. Selectivity isn't exactly its strong
point, but its enthusiastic owners tend to overlook this shortcoming.
At a cost of $150 before shipping, this Japanese-market model also
leads the Ultralight market in another dubious category-- purchasing

The 7" FSL was designed to provide the performance of a full-sized 4'
(air core) box loop in an extremely compact antenna that would easily
fit on a small desk or table (with under 1 cubic foot of total volume),
all at a price of under $150. Extensive testing and refinement of
various FSL designs made this dream a reality this summer, although the
increasing demand for FSL parts (especially the ferrite rods) may cause
the construction cost to inch up in the future. A photo of Rob's new 7"
FSL next to the Sony SRF-T615 (the team used for the following MP3's)
is posted at

In the following inductive coupling demonstrations a barefoot Sony
SRF-T615 is used to receive a fringe daytime DX station by itself for
the first 15 seconds, then it receives an inductive coupling boost from
the 7" FSL to receive the same fringe station for the next 20 seconds.
The tests were conducted around local noon here in Puyallup, WA, about
35 miles south of Seattle.

610-KONA Pasco, WA (5 kw at 160 miles)

980-CKNW New Westminster, BC (50 kw at 170 miles)
Note: The barefoot SRF-T615 could not receive this station at all, but
only slop from 1000-KOMO. The FSL boosted CKNW's signal, without
boosting the slop from KOMO (both stations directly to the north)

1070-CFAX Victoria, BC (10 kw at 90 miles)

1640-KDZR Lake Oswego, OR (10 kw at 140 miles)

For those interested in the 7" FSL ("Affordable") model, I've uploaded
the first part of an upcoming article, containing a parts list, a
general overview of construction, and the steps necessary to build the
antenna up through the ferrite sleeve. Because of other ongoing
projects the article is still unfinished, but it should be sufficient
for DXers to make a decision about whether to build the 7" FSL model,
and get well into construction if they choose to begin ordering parts.
The first part of the article is posted at

73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

Re: Logging Question

Bob Coomler <w6rjc@...>

Tony, Over the years I've used a number of commercial logging programs (still do for hamming), but  a basic Excel log works the best for me for listening applications.  It can be set up how I want, the data is easily sorted and even for a card carrying Luddite like me, it is easily put together.  For MW, I generally have columns for station, frequency, city, s/p, country, signal, date, time, power, distance and remarks.  Other applications can include bearing, programming, equipment used, last heard, etc. Not an aesthetic wonder of the world, but Excel gets the job done.
Bob Coomler
Tucson, AZ

From: Anthony R Gargano
To: ultralightdx@...
Sent: Thursday, September 29, 2011 3:02 PM
Subject: [ultralightdx] Logging Question

Wondering what most are using for logging. A logging program? If so, which? A simple homemade spreadsheet? If so, what does your entries layout look like?
Thanks, Tony

Anthony R Gargano

Logging Question


Wondering what most are using for logging. A logging program? If so, which? A simple homemade spreadsheet? If so, what does your entries layout look like?
Thanks, Tony

Anthony R Gargano

my 242 stations (2 US stns excluded)


531 RTA1 Ain-El Beida, ALG, Arabic
540 Onda Cero Barcelona, E, Spanish
540 Kossuth ,Solt, HNG, Hungarian
540 SNRT1 Sidi Bennour,MRC,Arabic
549 RTA1 Sidi Hamadouche,ALG, Arabic
549 Deutschland Funk Nordkirchen,D, German
558 RNE5,E, Spanish
558 Voice of Russia relay,Monte Ceneri, SUI, French
567 RNE5,E, Spanish
567 RAI1,I,Italian
576 SWR Stuttgart,D,German
576 RNE5 Barcelona,E, Spanish
585 RNE1,E, Spanish
594 Radio Renascenca, Muge, POR,Portuguese
603 France Info, Lyon,F,French
603 Antena Satelor, Bucharest, ROU, Romanian
612 RNE1,E, Spanish
612 SNRT1,Sebaa Aioun, MRC,Arabic
621 RTBF1 Wavre,BEL,French
621 RNE1,E, Spanish
630 Voice of Russia relay, Braunschweig,D, Russian
630 Radio Timisoara, ROU,Romanian
630 RTT Tunis,TUN,Arabic
639 CRO Prague, CZE,Czech
639 RNE1 La Coruna,E, Spanish 14sep0729
648 NOS1,Orfordness,G,Dutch
648 RNE1 Badajoz, E,Spanish
648 Radio Murski Val,Murska Sobota,SVN, Slovenian
657 RNE5,Madrid,E, Spanish
657 RAI1,I,Italian
666 SWR Rohrdorf,D,German
666 SER, E,Spanish
666 RDP1 POR,Portuguese
675 Sawt Al Libya, Benghazi, LBY,Arabic
675 Radio Maria Nederland,Lopik,NLD,Dutch
684 RNE1,Sevilla,E, Spanish
684 RTT Medenine,TUN,Arabic
693 BBC5 Droitwich,G,English
702 China Radio Relay,Monaco,MCO,Various
711 France Info,Rennes,F,French
720 BBC4 Lisnagarvey,G,English
720 RDP1 POR,Portuguese
729 RNE1,Oviedo E, Spanish
738 RNE Catalunya Barcelona E, Catalan
747 NOS5 Zeewolde,NLD,Dutch
756 Deutschland Funk,Braunschweig, D,German
756 Radio Euzkadi,Bilbao,E,Spanish
765 BSKSA Holy Qu'ran Qurayyat, ARS,Arabic
765 BBC Essex,Chelmsford,G,English
774 RNE1 Valencia,E, Spanish
774 RNE1 Caceres E,Spanish
783 MDR Info,Leipzig,D,German
783 Rock and Gol,Barcelona,E,Spanish
783 ORTAS1,Tartus,SYR,Arabic
792 France Info,Limoges,F,French
801 Bayern 1,Munich,D,German
801 RNE1 Lugo,E, Spanish
810 SER, Madrid E,Spanish
810 BBC Scotland,Burghead,English
810 Makedonija Radio1,Skopje,MKD,Macedonian
819 Radio Euzkadi San Sebastian,E,Spanish
819 ERTU General Batrah,EGY,Arabic
819 RAI1,I,Italian
828 NDR Hannover,D,German
828 Radio 10 Gold,Heinenoord,NLD,Dutch
837 COPE Sevilla sep14 0658,E,Spanish
837 France Info,Nancy,F,French
846 Radio North,Redcastle, IRL, English
855 RNE1,Santander, E, Spanish sep28 0754
855 Romania Actualitati,Bucharest,ROU,Romanian
864 France Bleu,Paris,F,French
873 American Forces Radio,Frankfurt,D,English
873 SER Santiago Compostella, E,Spanish, 12sep0657
882 COM Radio, Barcelona, E, Catalan
882 BBC Wales,Washford,G,English
891 RTA1 Alger, ALG, Arabic
891 Radio 538,Hulsberg,NLD,Dutch
900 COPE ,E,Spanish
900 Radio Popular Bilbao,E, Spanish
900 RAI1,I,Italian
909 BBC5,Brookmans Park,G, English
918 Radio Intercontinental,Madrid, E,Spanish
918 Slovenija,Ljulbljana ,SVN,Slovenian
927 VRT1 Wolvertem, BEL,Dutch
936 RNE5,Alicante E, Spanish
936 RAI1,I,Italian
945 France Info,Toulouse,F, French
954 CRO Brno, CZE,Czech
954 Onda Cero Madrid , E, Spanish
954 QBS Al Arish, QAT,Arabic
963 Radio Euzkadi,San Sebastian,E,Spanish
963 China Radio Relay,Pori, FIN,Various
963 Buzz Asia,London,G,English
972 RNE1,E, Spanish
972 NDR Info,Hamburg,D, German
972 Buzz Asia,West London, G,English
981 RTA2 Ouled Fayet, ALG, Berber
981 ERA Sports Athens,GRC,Greek
981 RAI Trieste Locale,I,Italian
990 Deutschland Radio Kultur,Berlin, D,German
990 SER Bilbao, E,Spanish
999 BSKSA Holy Qu'ran, Tabuk, ARS,Arabic
999 COPE ,Madrid,E,Spanish
999 RAI1,I,Italian
999 PMR Radio, Grigoriopol, MDA,Russian
1008 SER, E,Spanish
1008 GrooteNieuws Radio,Zeewolde,NLD,Dutch
1017 SWR Wolfsheim D, German
1017 RNE5,E, Spanish
1026 SER Reus, E,Catalan, 11sep2157
1026 BBC Cambrigdeshire,Chesterton Fen, G,English
1026 IRIB Tabriz Region, IRN,Farsi
1035 BBC Asian Network,Sheffield,G,English
1035 Northsound, Aberdeen, G,English
1035 Star FM Belmonte,POR,Portuguese
1044 MDR Info,Dresden,D,German
1044 SER,Valladolid E,Spanish 14sep0727
1053 COPE ,E,Spanish
1053 Radio Mariya,St Petersburg, RUS, Russian
1053 Talksport,Droitwich, G,English
1062 RAI1,I,Italian
1062 IRIB Kerman Region,IRN, Farsi
1071 Talksport,Newcastle,G,English
1071 IRIB,Qom Ma'aref ,IRN,Farsi
1080 SER Huesca, E,Spanish sept15 0728
1089 Talksport, Brookmans Park, G,English
1098 RNE5,E, Spanish
1107 AFN Kaiserslautern,D,English
1107 Radio Beograd, Novi Sad, SRB,Serbian
1107 RNE5,E, Spanish
1116 SER Albacete E, Spanish 16sep 0650
1116 SER Pontevedra, E,Spanish 16sep 0656
1116 BBC Guernsey, Saint Peter, G, English
1116 BBC Radio Derby G English
1116 RAI1,I,Italian
1116 MR-6 Miskolc, HNG,Hungarian
1125 RNE5,E, Spanish
1134 COPE Pamplona ,E,Spanish
1134 Hrvatski Radio,Zadar,HRV,Croatian
1134 Radio Kuwait, Sulaibiyah, KWT,Arabic
1143 American Forces Radio,Ditzingen,D,English
1143 COPE Reus ,E,Spanish
1143 Golos Rossii, Bolshakovo, RUS,Russian
1152 Romania Actualitati, Cluj-Napoca, ROU, Romanian
1152 RNE5,E, Spanish
1152 LBC London, E, English
1161 BBC Southern Counties, Bexhill,G, English
1161 Gold,Swindon,G,English
1161 Magic 1161, Hull, G, English
1161 Tay AM Dundee, G,English
1170 Gold,Ipswich/Portsmouth,G,English
1170 Swansea Sound, Swansea, G, English
1170 Capodistria,Beli Kriz,SVN,Italian
1179 Antenne Saar,Heusweiler, D,German
1179 SER, Logrono, E,Spanish 13sep0728
1179 Romania Actualitati, Bacau ROU Romanian
1179 Macedonias 2,Thessaloniki,GRC,Greek
1188 MDR Info,Goerlitz,D,German
1188 MR-4 Marcali,HNG,Slovak
1188 IRIB Tehran Payam, IRN,Farsi
1197 Absolut Radio,Brighton/Torbay/Werburgh,G,English
1206 France Info, Bordeaux,F,French
1215 Absolut Radio,Brookmans P/Droitwich/Washford,G,English
1224 Radio Bulgaria,Vidin,BGR,Various
1233 Absolut Radio,Northampton/Manningtree,G,English
1242 France Info,Marseille, F,French
1242 Absolut Radio,Boston/Stockton Tees,G,English
1251 Voice of Africa, Tripoli, LBY, Arabic
1251 Gold, Great Barton, G,English
1251 NOS5 Hulsberg,NLD,Dutch
1260 Absolut Radio,Bristol/Lydd,G,English
1269 Deutschland Funk,Neumunster,D,German
1269 COPE ,E,Spanish
1278 France Bleu Strasbourg,F,French/Alsatian
1287 SER Burgos, E,Spanish sep21 0658
1296 Radio Nederland, Orfordness, G, Dutch
1296 Radio XL,Birmingham,G,English/Indian languages
1305 RNE5,E, Spanish
1305 Premier Christian Radio,London,G,English
1314 RNE5 Tarragona E, Catalan
1314 RNE5 Salamanca, E, Spanish
1314 Radio Farda Al Dhabbaya,UAE,Farsi
1323 Voice of Russia relay, Wachenbrunn D, French
1323 Gold, Brighton G English
1332 CRO Moravske Budejovice, CZE , Czech
1332 Premier Christian Radio,East London,G,English
1341 Onda Cero Almeria/Ciudad Real E Spanish
1341 BBC Ulster,Lisnagarvey,G,English
1350 Radio Orient,Nice,F,French/Arabic
1359 Gold Cardiff,Chelmsford, Coventry G,English
1368 Manx Radio, Isle of Man, G, English
1377 France Info Lille,F,French
1377 TWR Gavar, ARM, Farsi
1386 Euzkadi Irratia,Bilbao,E,Basque
1395 TWR Filake,ALB,Hungarian
1395 Voice of Russia relay,Orenburg,RUS, Russian
1404 France Info Grenoble/Pau/Brest,Dijon F,French
1404 Frequenza Mora Ajaccio,F,Corsican
1413 SWR Ulm, D, German
1413 RNE5 Pontevedra ,E, Spanish
1413 Golos Rossii, Grigoriopol, MDA Russian
1422 Deutschland Funk,Hausweiler,D,German
1422 RTA Ouled Fayed, ALG, Arabic
1431 Voice of Russia relay,Dresde,D,Russian
1431 Gold Southend, G, English
1440 China Radio Relay,Marnach, LUX German
1449 RAI1,I,Italian
1449 Sawt Al Lybia,Misrata,LBY,Arabic
1458 Sunrise Radio,Brookmans Park,G,English/Hindi
1467 TWR Roumoules, F, Arabic
1476 Euzkadi Irratia,San Sebastian,E,Basque
1485 Punto Radio, Villanova i Geltru E, Spanish
1485 BBC Southern Counties, Brighton,G, English
1485 Gold Newbury G English
1494 France Info,Clermont,Besançon,Bayonne,F,French
1494 Frequenza Mora Bastia,F, Corsican
1503 RNE5,E, Spanish
1503 BBC Radio Stoke,G,English
1503 Betar Bangla, East London, G, Bengali
1503 IRIB Bushehr Main ,IRN,Farsi
1512 ERA Chania, Creta, GRC,Greek
1512 Radio Zanussie, Dutch pirate, NLD
1512 IRIB Ardabil Region ,IRN,Farsi
1521 BSKSA Main Duba,ARS,Arabic
1521 SER Castellon, E, Spanish 16sep 0657
1530 Radio Vatican, CVA,French/Various
1530 TWR Pinheira, Sao Tome, STP, English
1539 Evangeliums Rundfunk Mainflingen, D, German
1539 SER Manresa , E,Catalan
1548 Gold Saffron Green,G,English
1557 France Info,Nice,F,French
1557 Gold Northampton, G, English
1566 County Sound Radio, Guildford, G,English
1566 BBC 5 Live,Taunton,G,English
1575 RAI1,I,Italian
1575 Radio Farda Al Dhabbaya,UAE,Farsi
1584 BBC East Midlands,Mansfield, G, English
1602 Radio Euzkadi,Vitoria, E, Spanish
1602 SER, E,Spanish
1602 Desi Radio, London, G, Punjabi
1611 Radio Vatican, CVA,Various
1646 Radio Barones (pirate), NLD,Dutch/English

New file uploaded to ultralightdx



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unidentified Spanish on 1220 kHz

Carl DeWhitt

? 1220 0908-0911 EDT 9/29/2011
While listening to WCPH 1220 Etowah ,TN,I heard underneath them an unidentified Spanish language station.When the broadside of my new homebrew 4 foot loop was turned mostly east-west,I could null out WCPH to hear the Spanish station in the clear at fair level.I could not stay with it to i.d. time.Music and talk were heard.One possibility maybe WOTS Kisssimmee,FL a Spanish language station relaying WPRD Winter Park,FL.This is the only possibility I could find in a nearby state.
Carl DeWhitt KI5SF

Newfoundland Ultralight Radio Trans-Atlantics & Domestics Report Sep 29

Allen Willie

Hello To All,

With the current topsy turvy atmospheric indices , propagation has been a long way from ideal at times lately at this location . Some early mornings have shown poor results while some evenings tend to be improving since the last solar disturbance occured .
Here are some recent logs, with the Spanish stations dominant last evening

684-SPAIN-Radio Nacional 1, Sevilla 23:50UT/28 Spanish tak by man & woman
810-SPAIN-SER Madrid, Ctra Carabanchel 23:32UT/27 news in Spanish (mixing with BBC Scotland
882-SPAIN-COPE various 4:20UT/29 Spanish talk
900-ITALY-RAI1 Milano, 4:10UT/29 Italian talk, ID, promos
909-ENGLAND-BBC 5 Live Moorside Edge 23:47UT/28 various talk (Very Good)
918-SPAIN-R. Intercontinental, Ctra Humera 4:21UT/29 news in Spanish
954-SPAIN-Onda Cero Radio, Ctra Humera 4:22UT/29 Spanish talk , ment. Espana
963-TUNISIA-R. Tunisia Cultural, Tunis 23:34UT/27 woman in Arabic (good)
981-PORTUGAL-R. Sim various 4:22UT/29 two men in Portugeuse
990-SPAIN-SER various 4:12UT/29 Spanish talk, oldies music feature
1053-LIBYA-Libya TV Audio, Tripoli 23:37UT/28 Arabic talk (this one has covered up England completely the last two evenings)
1062-ITALY-RAI1 Cagliari 4:02UT/29 news in Italian, ID
1080-SPAIN-SER various 4:24UT/29 woman in Spanish //1044
1089-ENGLAND-Talksport Radio, Brookmans Park 23:52UT/28 Football talk (Very Strong)
1107-SPAIN-R. Nacional various 00:20UT/28 Spanish talk by man //1125
1116-SPAIN-SER Pontevedra 00:20UT/28 Spanish teletalk //1179
1134-SPAIN-COPE various 4:02UT/29 news in Spanish
1224-SPAIN-COPE Albecete 23:15UT/28 Spanish talk about Mallorca (Very Strong)
1242-FRANCE-France Info Marseille Cabries-Realtor 23:15UT/28 French talk (good)
1314-UNITED ARAB EMIRATES-R. Farda, Al-Dhabbiya 23:17UT/28 Arabic music, R. Farda ID
1377-FRANCE-France Info Lille-Camphin-en-Carembault 23:17UT/28 French talk & news (Very Strong)
1386-SPAIN-Euskadi Irratia, Bilbao 23:46UT/28 man & woman in Basque talk (good)
1413-SPAIN-R. Nacional, Jaen 23:17UT/28 Spanish talk about Barcelona (good)
1422-GERMANY-Deutschlandfunk, Heusweiler 00:22UT/29 Classical music, German talk (good)
1431-DJIBOUTI-R. Sawa , Arta 23:18UT/28 news in Arabic
1440-LUXEMBOURG-China Radio Relay, Marnach 23:45UT/28 English program, Chinese stories (Very Good)
1449-LIBYA-Voice of Africa, Tripoli 23:19UT/28 Arabic talk by man & woman ( Like A Local)
1485-SPAIN-SER Santander 23:19UT/28 Spanish talk & promos
1521-SAUDI RABIA-BSKSA Duba 23:20UT/28 Arabic singing & chants (Very Strong)
1548-ENGLAND-BBC Bristol. Mangotsfield 1:01UT/29 news in English( mixing with Kuwait)
1557-FRANCE-France Info, Nice-Fontbonne 23:21UT/28 Broadway music,French talk
1575-ITALY-RAI1 Genova 21:58UT/28 Italian commentary by man
1584-SPAIN-SER R. Orense 22:02UT/28 Spanish talk
1602-SPAIN-Euskadi Irratia, R. Vitoria , Cerro Estibaliz 1:03UT/29 Jingle ID in Spanish


Sony SRF-M37V, SRF-M37W, SRF-59, SRF-39FP,
Sangean DT-210V
Barefoot Mode

Good DX

Allen Willie & Dianne Froude
Bristol's Hope, Newfoundland
47:43N 53:11W

New XE Logged This Morning


Hi everyone,

Yet again, tips from Richard Allen helped me bag one new XE station this morning. He's been hearing this one for a while now, but for some reason it's eluded me until now. This was the only freq I listened to after work this morning. Logged this on the Eton E-100 Slider w/ SAT.

920, XEHQ, Hermosillo, Sonora, 1134-1230 UTC, 9/29/11, playing many back to back vcl mx selections with no breaks in between. A wide variety of songs were hrd including pops, bandera, and musica romantica. Finally at 1227 a woman announcer was hrd w/ a clear "R. Capital" ID! A G sig from 1215-1230. During this time IDs were also noted from XEQD (Chihuahua) and XECQ (Sinaloa). Sta #810, LAm #172-

At one point this morning I had at least 4 different XE stations audible on this channel. I hrd the Himno Nacional from a station at 1215 and from another one at 1213.

73 from Okieland.

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

Re: WDHP heard this AM in CT


Hi Paul,

Congratulations on hearing WDHP!! That's a great catch. I heard them once while I lived in the Houston area, but here in Okieland, they're one tough station to hear. I'd almost forgotten about the X band...been a long time since I even tuned that high on the band.

Keep up the great DX!

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

Spanish regions


936.0 RNE1 Alicante, regional news of the Valencia area
990.0 "Cadena SER, Radio Bilbao"
774.0 RNE1 Valencia, finally fading to let another station with frequent mentions of Extramadura.
774.0 RNE1 Caceres (see above) #243
900.0 Radio Popular de Bilbao, Herri Irratia,Spanish
Tecsun PL-380



Wednesday Night
603 Antena Satelor Bucharest ROU  #240
630 Radio Timisoara ROU  #241
1530 VOA Pinheira, Sao Tomé #242 ****NEW COUNTRY** (41)
The Gold-2 diploma is mine !

Re: 4 foot homebrew loop

Carl DeWhitt

This is 4 feet across and about 7 high from the bottom of the base to the top of the loop.

--- In, "Carl" <carl_elissa@...> wrote:

While at the Ten-Tec Factory Hamfest in Sevierville,TN ,I purchased a homebrew loop from Chuck Roswell,K2MGL of Georgia for $20.The loop does not cover the entire band but does cover over 50%.He says it can be modified for the whole band.It consists of a wooden pole which fits into a wooden turntable type base.It has 8 wooden bars radiating out from the wooden square center piece.The receiving element consists of 4 loops of coaxial cable.There is a metal box at the base of the loop elements with a variable tuning capacitor inside the metal box and a small tuning knob on top of the box.The loop tunes 995-1760 kHz.Chuck,K2MGL made the loop himself.He told me he used to work for Trans World Radio from both Bonaire,Netherlands Antilles and from Monaco.While with the Bonaire station he says he helped maintain the 500kw mw transmitter there.
You can look him up on the call sign search box to read his story.

4 foot homebrew loop

Carl DeWhitt

While at the Ten-Tec Factory Hamfest in Sevierville,TN ,I purchased a homebrew loop from Chuck Roswell,K2MGL of Georgia for $20.The loop does not cover the entire band but does cover over 50%.He says it can be modified for the whole band.It consists of a wooden pole which fits into a wooden turntable type base.It has 8 wooden bars radiating out from the wooden square center piece.The receiving element consists of 4 loops of coaxial cable.There is a metal box at the base of the loop elements with a variable tuning capacitor inside the metal box and a small tuning knob on top of the box.The loop tunes 995-1760 kHz.Chuck,K2MGL made the loop himself.He told me he used to work for Trans World Radio from both Bonaire,Netherlands Antilles and from Monaco.While with the Bonaire station he says he helped maintain the 500kw mw transmitter there.
You can look him up on the call sign search box to read his story.

Re: new ULR catch tonight!

Carl DeWhitt

I logged this station tonight 9/28/2011.I believe this is a new one for me.Here are the details:
WTAB 1370 Tabor City,N.C. 2205-2210 EDT good signal on tune in fading to poor.Country Music ,WTAB i.d. followed by more country.Not bad for 109 watts. Heard on Eton E-100 and homebrew 4 foot loop.
Carl DeWhitt, KI5SF

--- In, "Tim" <kd8gz@...> wrote:

Just about ready to go to bed...but, plugged in the headphones into the SRF T615...picked up a new ULR logging:

1370 WTAB Tabor City, N.C. at 10:16pm EDT,9-25-11; "hometown radio"....CnW music. Station is licensed for 109 watts nights, non-directional.

Also heard oldies on frequency....a Barry White sign of WSPD Toledo. Couldn't stick around to try to figure out who the oldies was.

Still, one new ULR catch: cool!

Tim, KD8GZ
near Akron, Ohio

Re: Armenia on 1377

Allen Willie



1377.0 TWR Gavar, ARM, Farsi 1715 UT.

Armenia is my 39th nation on the ultralight Tecsun PL-380.
Tough to pull out underneath France Info Lille.


Hi Patrice,

Nice catch on Armenia for your 39th nation. I have a feeling we were hearing that one here as well a few weeks ago when solar conditions were better. Could hear something in Arabic or Farsi under France but couldn't catch an ID on it.

Allen Willie
Bristol's Hope, Newfoundland

16361 - 16380 of 32521