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I do hope Jim is well. He was helping me understand how to figure the correct number of turns, but hasn't been heard from here lately. I might be able to wind ONE with my hands or maybe not. I bought the stuff to try, but I won't bother unless I am pretty sure I know the correct # of turns. - FARMERIK

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I have played around with various ways to shield a loopstick.
This provides some improvement, but I have not found anything
very satisfying. Jim's "hoop-loop" design, on the other
hand, has given me far better results. The balanced design
(with shielding on the secondary wires), plus the ability to
locate the antenna away from interference, works very well
around my computer. The sharp nulling ability is also a
big advantage.

I think winding a transformer puts people off from trying
the hoop-loop, but it really is not a difficult project. See
Chris Knight's postings from a month or two ago for a very
practical setup.


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I still suspect there is a way to shield a loop or ferrite antenna with a grounded grid or solid 'screen'. I was hoping an engineer here would have already done this or at least give me ideas for experiments. Use of my hands and arms is pretty limited, but after awhile I can build some crude things. I do get less interference from computer equipment by hanging small loops close to the ceiling. If a shielding screen could be rigged under and behind a loop, it might become unidirectional. I am relatively near the East coast myself, so most all DX domestic targets are to my West, but there are locals to my East. If you have room for a Beverage, they can be unidirectional with a distal ground. - FARMERIK

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