Re: Question about ultralight and loops for MW



A transformer-coupled air-loop is very effective. See:

Note that the transformer design will work with all kinds of
loops which have inductance in the 10 to 20 uH range. Results
with 12 inch or even 6 inch loops can be impressive and a
little more portable. You may also use ferrite loopsticks
wound for low inductance. The balanced design and relocation
of the antenna outside the radio cabinet both contribute to
superior noise immunity and nulling capabilities.


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After have seen info about these new DSP receivers (like PL310/380) :

I wonder if it would support loop antennas, like square air coil or even ferrite loops.

If one issue to add : living near big power MW stations.

Have anyone tried MW dx in this conditions ?

Sarmento - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

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