Re: Tecsun PL-390 2 speaker SW radio on eBay


Thanks, hmm nice but not much point for it to know what has happend to the proposed PL-750

2010/7/6 Moisés Knochen <moises.knochen@...>


These are the links Ms Joyce sent me for the PL-390:





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What is the link for it on ebay please ?

On 6 July 2010 15:33, sjb92338 <sbass@...> wrote:

Joyce emailed me that the PL-390 has the 5 bandwidths like the PL-380, but that the internal ferrite is only 2.4 inches long.

Steve Bass

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> I saw this model earlier today, George. It looks like a mini boombox!
> The auction copy does not mention DSP or multiple bandwidths, but the front panel clearly says "DSP" and there is an "AM BW" button.
> Guy Atkins
> Puyallup, WA
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> > From Ms. Joyce Anon-co for just a couple dollars more we can have a 2nd speaker which I guess means it won't fit in pocket or will at least stick out more. Where it says features the ad goes into Chinese, no obvious specs. Anyone know more? Guess it's the first day listed. Sorry for mentioning something that's not an ultralight but someone might be interested? 73, George S., MN
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Moises Knochen
Montevideo, Uruguay

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