One New Station

Kirk <kirk74601@...>

As you know, 1560 has been a target freq of mine for about the last week and yielded one new sta during that time. Overnight I managed to ID a second new station there. Interestingly for the last two nights there's been no sign whatsoever of the black gospel mx sta I reported as an UNID last week on the same freq. The new sta below was logged on the trusty Eton E-100 w/ SAT.

1560, KZQQ, Abilene, TX, 0620 UTC, 7/6/10, classic rock mx including Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, The Animals, etc. IDs as "Classic Rock Radio" and "1560, KZQQ". Vy nice sig peaks. 45 watts night pwr. 332 miles/535 km, ULR Sta #671. By the way, according to an article I found online, this is a format change from their former ESPN format. Topaz has this listed as their antiquated Adlt Stnds format. Topaz badly needs to be updated.

That's it from the flatlands of Oklahoma.

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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