Re: size sangean dt-400 vs sony srf-59


My Sangean 400 performance is virtually the same as my 200VX, both of which are more sensitive than the 59. The 59's selectivity is slightly better than the 400, but the 59's nulling is outstanding, allowing for surprising results 10 KHz away from a local over a SMALL nulling window of a 360 degree circle.
2 notes:
Position of fingers on the unit impact nulling...In my case, I find that my thumb on the tuning wheel with fingers across raised part of the back about level with the tuning wheel is quite good.
Try both nulling windows on the 360 circle...I initially assumed that they would be the same, but often, one produces a much more successful null.

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I can measure them if you want. The Sangean is taller and the SRF-59
is wider.

The DT-400W's selectivity leaves a lot to be desired but it's quite a
bit more sensitive than a properly aligned SRF-59 and noticeably more
sensitive than a stock SRF-59. I have three low power AM's (1 KW or
less) a little over a mile away. They are a disaster on the Sangean
but the Sony does fairly well. On the Sangean very strong signals from
hundreds of miles away are sometimes quite listenable on the next
frequency up. The problem isn't quite as bad once I get away from
these three locals but I'm disappointed in the Sangean.

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> how much bigger is the DT-400 (the yellow one) VS the sony srf-59.
> also how bad is the selectivity vs srf-59 i have a couple strong
> locals.

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