Today's Ultralight Loggings.............2 NEW Stations for ULR Log and Overall Log...............

robert ross

Hi Guys:

Only DX'ing I was able to do so far today was at Sunrise and I was rewarded with 2 NEW Stations for the Overall Log and the ULR Log!! Both stations were from NORTH CAROLINA......and were pleasant surprises!

Radio used for these receptions was the SONY SRF-T615 BAREFOOT..........

ULR LOG Totals are now..............486 Stations Heard


830 WTRU Kernersville, NC Sept/29/08 0555 EDT EE GOOD
Relig Talk @ 0555-0600 EDT. Multi City ID as "WTRU Kernersville,
Winston Salem & ???". "WTRU DOT Com" Spot. Into News. ID as
"The Sound of Worship" and "The Truth".

NEW STN. ULR # 485 50 KW/10 KW
1370 WTAB Taber City, NC Sept/29/08 0625 EDT EE GOOD
"North Carolina Network Sports" by Male DJ @ 0625 EDT. ID as "You're Listening
to North Carolina Network Sports". North Carolina Tourism Spot. Tim Hall was Reading
Sports. Checked Network webpage and this is the ONLY NC Station on 1370 Carrying this
Sports Broadcast @ 25 after the hour.

NEW STNN. ULR # 486 5 KW/109 Nights

Robert S. Ross VA3SW
London, Ontario CANADA

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