Monday new ULR loggings

Tim Davisson

SRF-59, barefoot, all Monday, 9/29/08, EDT:

1550 WIGN/Bristol, TN, 7:20pm, gospel.
1470 WBTX/Broadway-Timerland, VA, 7:29pm, s/off anmt.
1430 WXNT/Indianapolis, IN, 7:47pm, "news-talk 14-30".
1390 WMPO/Middleport-Pomeroy, OH, 7:54pm, sports-talk network.

Am up to 136 stations heard on the SRF-59....and I'm not yet
counting most of the about 30 local/regionals that I get all the
time, and probably 20 or so 50kwers heard all the time. So, I've got
a ways to go.

This past Saturday talked to a ham buddy here in my area. He's been
on the website, and got interested in ULR. I told him about
a local K-Mart that only had a few SRF-59's left...and he went to
the store and bought the last 2 of them!

His ham activities is all QRP (less than 5 watts, mostly battery
powered morse-code/CW)...and he is an long-time AM DXer, but is
facinated with the ULR phenomenon.


Tim, KD8GZ
Norton, Ohio

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