Re: Oklahoma Loggings

Kirk <kirk74601@...>

Thanks for that possibility, Tim. The second night I hrd them, I did check out WGLB's streaming audio, and the sta I was hearing didn't seem to be //. However, I can't swear to that, so I'll give them another try next their sig is in at a listenable lvl. Tnx again!

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

--- In, "osage_archer" <timchandler2001@...> wrote:

Don't know if this one is possible given its low power and not sure of its schedule, but maybe 1560 WGLB in Elm Grove, WI? If you ever hear them again you might be able to verify by their 'Listen Live' on the web at

Tim C.

--- In, "Kirk" <kirk74601@> wrote:

1560, UNID, 0600-0700+ UTC, 6/28,29/30, a sta playing back to back black gospel mx selections with never any anmts of any kind. No ads, no talk at all, even at the TOH. Anyone have any ideas??

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