Oklahoma Loggings

Kirk <kirk74601@...>

Hi gang. Just a few loggings worth noting lately. Been working a lot of hours, so I've not been able to do much DXing lately. What times I have at the dials are still enjoyed as much as when I first got into ultralighting, almost two years ago. All logs were made on a Eton E-100 Slider w/ SAT.

One New Station
1560, KKAA, Aberdeen, SD, 0629 UTC, 6/30/10, hrd while trying to ID the UNID sta listed below. Religious talk and traditional Christian mx. IDs as "Family Radio." Presumed this one as I didn't actually hear call ltrs ancd. G sig and the first time I've ever had a hint of this sta here. Sta #668.

1560, UNID, 0600-0700+ UTC, 6/28,29/30, a sta playing back to back black gospel mx selections with never any anmts of any kind. No ads, no talk at all, even at the TOH. Anyone have any ideas??

1380, KBWD, Brownwood, TX, 0620 UTC, 7/2/10, hrd playing C&W mx and was simulcasting with sister station 101.3 KOXE. IDs as "101.3, KOXE." First time I've noted them simulcasting. They don't always do that, so it must be a late night thing they do.

73 everyone and good DX!

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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