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robert ross

At 07:46 AM 9/28/2008, Allen Willie wrote:

Hi Everyone,
I did manage to hear a new one early this morning as follows:

990 khz - CBW - Winnipeg, Manitoba 8:00 UTC 9/28/08 w/ CBC News, talk
by woman , mention of CBC then into CBC Overnight ; fair at times
( heard under CBY Cornerbrook, Newfoundland , also a CBC station ) *** NEW
*** on ULR

That's Station # 360 on ULR's now of which exactly half (180 ) are
Transatlantics heard.

Allen Willie

Allen good work on the Manitoba Station!! I hear that one quite often on
the ULR's...even with a LOCAL CFPL 980 right next gets out pretty
OK on # 360 heard with HALF of them being TransAtlantics!! That is
Amazing!! I thought you may have heard a few more than 360 as you seemed to
be cleaning up there for a while.....but I think a Good Deal of your 360
Heard are PRIMO DX STATIONS!!! I am now sitting at 486 ULR's Heard after
hearing 2 New Stations from North Carolina this morning at SUNRISE!! It had
been a bit of Drought here lately with nothing New Heard for a while. I'm
not sure what the Saturation Point is for Stations Heard on an
Ultralight..but I think I'm getting close!! AHHAHAHAHA....I'm sure I'll
continue to hear new ones.......but Man it sure was a lot easier when I
only had 200 heard than it is now!! Just makes us work a little harder I

Keep logging them Allen......I'm sure this DX Season is gonna be a
Productive One for all ULR DX'ers.....It's really catching on...and there
are a Pile of Guys twisting the Dials of these Pocket's
gonna be interesting to see what the Winter brings!!!


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