Re: Nice review of the PL-380 by Radio-Timetraveller


Thanks Scott for both answers.- FARMERIK

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The whip in a PL-3X0 goes to a preamp and filter circuit for shortwave operation. There is a diode switch used to connect the output of the preamp circuit to the AM tank. In MW operation, the whip is not connected to the AM tank.

The effect of a wire attached to the whip, as reported by Radio-Timetraveler, is likely a parasitic sort of counterpoise operation. This comes about because the internal ferrite antenna is unbalanced. My suspicion is that such a wire might add signal strength, but could degrade actual signal-to-noise as it is likely to pick up a lot of local manmade RF noise and even noise from the receiver itself.


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Do others here agree the PL-380 and the WRX 911 both connect the AM tank circuit to the whip antenna? I don't have either here, but I do have a PL 310. If this is true, than an external antenna could be attached to the whip for AM? That is how I read the article, but I am not sure. Anyone want to comment? - FARMERIK

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Hello all,

Bill (Radio-Timetraveller) has posted an extensive review of the PL-380 on his blog.

Based on his review, and the earlier review by Gary De Bock, I decided to finally buy one.


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