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The Si4735 is the same as an Si4734 with an added RDS/RBDS decoder and optional digital audio output interface. So RF capabilities are identical -- no SSB.


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It talks about being for use by Hams. Does it tune SSB? - FARMERIK

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OK, all I needed to do was look a little further on the web site to find the
bill of materials.

So it is easy to see what components are necessary.

Mike Mayer


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Is the the same chip as the Sony XDR-F1HD ? I presume not

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That looks very interesting. I wonder of there are any components that are
hard to source outside of Europe. If you buy the bare PCB that would be a

Mike Mayer
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in the Juli/August Elektor there is the first part of a DSP-receiver
pbulished with the Silicon Labs IC SI4735. In the classical ultralights from
China are based on the SI4734 chip.

The second part of the article will be published in the September issue of
the magazin.

The receiver is able to work as standalone receiver. Second possiblity is to
go by USB.

And it should be able to be programmed by an experienced user.

A usefull feature ist the ability to use external special antennas as ferrit
rod or sw-special antenna.

The fully tested receiver will be delivered in few weeks.

Have a look on the Elektor website.

Wolfgang Hartmann, N�rnberg

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