Re: My upcoming ULR DXpedition

Carl DeWhitt

Good luck with your Tennessee DXpedition.I live in Maryville near Knoxville.I have considered taking my Grundig G-8 up on one of the mountains near here and trying some fm dxing from there.When the opportunity presents itself ,I will do that.
Carl DeWhitt

--- In ultralightdx@..., Rick Robinson <w4dst@...> wrote:

This weekend I'll be in Wildersville, Tennessee at the Natchez Trace
State Park for my wife's family reunion. My stock PL-380 and trusty old
Radio Shack loop will be making the trip. The state park is a big one
and should have some noise free areas which will be great for DXing.
It's been quite a while since I was in this area of the US and I'm
hoping to be able to do a daytime bandscan with the PL-380 and the loop.

I modified my loop with a larger capacitance variable tuning cap, 2 DPST
switches, and some mica caps in order to make a loop which tunes from
190kHz to 1800kHz by adding capacitance in parallel to the tuning
capacitor. This gives me a small portable loop for not only BCB DXing
but also LW non-directional beacon DXing. This doesn't allow me to
hear a 25W ndb from 2000 miles away, but it does allow me to log quite a
few beacons. CLB 216kHz, 270 miles east of here, is a regular logging.

My home in southwestern NC, is about 30 minutes from Mt. Pisgah, a
6000' mountain on the Blue Ridge Parkway. This has been a very good
DXing spot not only for AM BCB DXing, but also for FM DXing and I'll be
there again this summer for several mini DXpeditions. This will be the
first summer for ULR DXing.

Right now I'm compiling my ULR heard list which is slightly over 100
stations. With a little luck, it could be at the 200 mark or higher
after returning from Tennessee.

Good listening,

Rick W4DST

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