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Despite it being June, I've been fortunate enough to have bagged four new stations in the last week or so. The last two are detailed below and both logged on my Eton E-100 Slider w/ the ever-faithful SAT. I'm trying to catch up with fellow NOUDS (Northern Okla. Ultralight DX Society) member Richard Allen, but I have over 100 stations to hear before that happens, ha ha.

1540, KBOA, Kennett, MO, 0643 UTC, 6/20/10, hrd w/ adlt stnds mx on a program called "Music in the Night." Also hrd lcl ads and several IDs. G sig throughout reception. At 0702 I hrd a co-channel XE Sta (UNID) playing their NA but was down in the mud.

1020, XEOU, Huajuapan de Leon, Oaxaca, 0648 UTC, 6/22/10, finally caught clear mentions of "La Primera". Also hrd several Grupo Formula references. They play a variety of mx, including some ranchera, campo, banda, and pops. VG sig peaks and at times overpowering semi-lcl sta KOKP (Perry, OK). ULR Sta #666, LAm #109.

That's all from here, guys. No matter what band you're DXing these days, I wish everyone a DX-filled week. I'm enjoying reading abt all the Es lately. Sounds like fun. ROB ROSS: Congratulations on your FM sta # 2000! Wow!

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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