new loggings of late

Tim Davisson

Hi again guys.....Here's a few new ulr loggings from my SRF-59
barefoot, and unmodified (dates & times are EDT):

Thurs. 9/25/08 860 WOAY/Oak Hill, WV, 7:00am legal ID.
" " 1270 WMKT/Charlevoix, MI, 8:00pm legal ID, over WXYT
-Detroit on same frequency.
Fri. 9/26/08 870 WPWT/Colonial Hts., TN, 7:24pm, talk.
" " 820 WTOP/Frederick, MD, 6:56pm w/Nationals baseball.
Sun. 9/27/08 1660 WFNA/Charlotte, NC, 7:13am, ESPN network.

Did not include the obvious fairly easy ones...50kwers less than 750
miles away and regionals and locals that are really close by, unless
heard by nulling a local station on the same frequency.

Gotta say a huge thanks once again to Colin and Gary and everybody
involved in promoting this ultralight radio phenomenon. I'd been a
BCB/medium-wave DXer since the early 1960s, but in the past 25 years
had gotten really bored.

It's pretty easy to DX with expensive tabletop equipment and great
antennas...but, with a pocket sized, battery powered radio that fits
in your shirt pocket? Now, THAT'S an accomplishment!

We here in the US midwest don't often get TA's or TP's like folks on
the coasts (I'm jealous!), but there's still lots to hear.

Opps...did fall "off the UL wagon" this morning with a brief ham
radio CW QSO on 40 meters with a guy in Nicaragua....amazingly after
all these years as a ham, a new country worked for me. Hope I get
his QSL card. Gotta keep up my CW skills, despite my time on ULR.

Am still toying with the idea of spending $75 (total) to buy a
Sangean DT400W.

Have a great rest-of-the-weekend guys.


Tim, KD8GZ
south of Cleveland, Ohio
(sent at 9:02am EDT, 9/27/08)

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