Re: FM Station # 2,000 Logged....Did John have anything to do with this?????

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Hi Byron,

If I can jump in here, please? I've been following this conversation, and living in the Metrot Detroit area, our FM band is too crowded to effectively hear any e-skip stations. I'm not saying it's impossible, as I have few logged, mostly at the lower end of the band, but a few.

Since we are so close to the Great Lakes, we are far more likely to hear stations via Tropospheric Ducting, usually caused by temperature inversions, and is very common whereever there are large bodies of water.

Signals received by tropo have a range of 100 to 500 miles (compared to e-skip which commonly can travel 800 to 1,400 miles). From my house using a vertical antenna (horizontal antennas do a much better job at this), I can frequently hear stations all accrossed northern Ohio and southern Ontario all the way up to Toronto. Also, tropo can affect different areas, so stations coming in from the west one day, may be followed by station in the east the next day.

Finally speaking from my experience, June and September seem to be the best months in this area although July and Augusr are quite good also.

P.S. Rob, when you get a chance, I'd love to hear aboiut the details of your antenna.

73 de Joe, KJ8O, Troy, MI

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Subject: [ultralightdx] Re: FM Station # 2,000 Logged....Did John have anything to do with this?????
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Date: Sunday, June 20, 2010, 10:11 AM

I've just started playing with FM on the sony srf-m40w. it
hears many stations on other freqs (similar to harmonics) so
its not a good radio to be dx'ing with. 90.3 on real station
96.3, 100.7 on real station 95.1

i've found i can use the MW loop for fm, just by holding
the radio near the loop.

your FM totals are staggering. you must spend your whole
life listening to the radio, any hearing loss ??

what do you use for an FM antenna ?

i've seen the bow tie antenna being used for FM, have you
tried one ?
i'm looking for a construction article for it now.

how can you tell the difference between E and ground wave,
whats the max distance for ground wave on FM ?

and have you guys come up with any FM awards yet ? i'm
mostly interested in total states.

also, wheres a good place to find listings of canadian FM
stations ?

on AM, i'm trying to hear stations from 75 to 120 mi from
my QTH but nothing seems to work, (except for listening
during thunder storms) any ideas ? seems to be a dead zone,
too long for ground wave, too short for skip.


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wa8lcz wrote:

hi Rob,

how many different states have you copied on FM

Byron......Good question!! Here's my Stats for For

8 PROVINCES (Need Alberta & BC)

8 COUNTRIES....Canada, USA, Belize, Bermuda, Mexico,
Bahamas, Cuba,
Dominican Republic

As for Propagational Totals...they are roughly 50/50%
for E-Skip and

I have 7 Stations by Meteor Scatter. Something I have
just started to
work on more diligently the past 2 Years.

73.....ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA


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