Re: FM Station # 2,000 Logged....Did John have anything to do ...

Gary DeBock

Hi Rob,
Congratulations on FM station #2000 (KTST-101.9)... from Oklahoma! That certainly has a special meaning. 
I know how you feel about John-- he was just starting to show interest in FM-DXing, mostly because of your great E-skip success. Despite his decades of DXing knowledge and experience, John was always willing to try something new, and discover a new way to enjoy the hobby. One of my biggest thrills was developing the E100 Slider loopstick antenna together with him, and watching it become popular with various DXers. John took special pride in the growing popularity of the Ultralightdx group, and how it was bringing new enthusiasm into the AM-DXing hobby.
Before long I'll be heading to Grayland to chase DU's, the first summer in 3 years that Guy Atkins and I won't be able to coordinate DXpedition times with John at the Grayland Motel. I'm sure that both of us will still need a while to get used to the new situation.
73, Gary  

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Hi Guys:

This is a Little Off topic.......but is one of those Truth is
Stranger than Fiction things!!

At 2300 EDT tonight I logged my 2,000th FM Station ....(NOT on ULRS!!).
It only took me 34 Years to accomplish this!! HAHAHAHA......

Our ULR Co-Founder and Good Friend, John Bryant and I had exchanged
several Emails about my FM Dxing during the AM BCB Off Season, and he
knew I was working my way to # 2,000 and would probably hit it sometime
this Summer.

Well...tonight was the night, and where do you think # 2,000 was from????

Oklahoma City.....about 100 Miles South of where John used to Live!!!

The Station I logged was.......

101.9 KTST "The Twister" Oklahoma City, OKLA 100 KW. Logged by E-Skip

John...if you had anything to do with this Logging for #2,000....Thanks

73.....ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

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