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The 6/18 Es was a MONSTER here on the East Coast with some DXers getting skip as late as 3 AM! I bagged 9 new stations from 8 states myself well past 11 PM. I didn't use any ultralights for most of the event. By the time I dug out my PL310, just a few Florida stations were in weakly, so I don't really have a UL FM report from yesterday.

Your unidentified on 88.1 Joy FM may be WJIS in Bradenton FL. They are an Es pest here when Florida is coming in.

John Cereghin
Smyrna DE

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Sporadic E openings have been rare here so far this season. However, today there was a good opening lasting until mid-evening local time. Reception of Mexican TV signals up through channel six began early this morning and lasted until early evening. There is nothing better than watching a World Cup match on Mexican TV. They know how to enjoy the game.

Because the signals are analog I resurrected my ultra light Sony FD2A Watchman receiver from the 1980's. It was fun to again be able to watch the tiny TV set with its two-inch black and white picture.

I was able to log several new FM stations using a barefoot Tecsun PL-360 as follows:

1627 EDT 88.1 MHz KHOY, Laredo TX (1004 km/624 mi)
1640 89.1 XHCAO, Reynosa TM
1901 88.1 Unid. NPR (either WRJA, Sumter SC, or WUBJ, Jamestown NY, as they are the only two stations on 88.1 carrying "Fresh Air" at this time)
1948 88.1 Unid. "The Joy FM"
1958 92.1 CKPC, Brantford ON, "The Jewel" (1646 km/1023 mi)
2012 92.7 CJBX, London ON, "BX93" (1573 km/978 mi)
2029 92.9 WIKX, Charlotte Harbor FL, "Kix Country" (1780 km/1106 mi)
2037 93.1 WNTQ, Syracuse NY, "93Q" (1965 km/1221 mi)
2046 93.1 WPAW, Winston-Salem, "The Wolf" (1564 km/972 mi)
2123 92.3 WKRR, Ashboro NC, "Rock 92" (1580 km/982 mi)
2144 95.5 WFGI, Johnstown PA (1664 km/1034 mi)

I hope the other FM DXers among our little group had a better time.


Richard Allen
36°22'51"N /97°26'35"W
(near Perry OK USA)

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