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Allen Willie

 Hi Everyone,
With the  reports of Alberta stations  ( 960 ) Calgary and (1260 ) Edmonton being heard lately as far east as Prince Edward Island on other sites, I've been keeping an ear open  for them also .
Residing in Alberta previously  for 48 of my years, it would be a great catch from here  and my 8th province logged on ULR. Hopefully everyone else will have a chance to log it also.
I did manage to hear a new one early this morning as follows:
990 khz - CBW - Winnipeg, Manitoba   8:00 UTC  9/28/08 w/ CBC  News, talk by woman , mention of CBC then into CBC Overnight ; fair  at times
( heard under CBY Cornerbrook, Newfoundland , also a CBC station ) *** NEW *** on ULR
 That's Station # 360 on ULR's now  of which exactly half  (180 ) are Transatlantics heard.
Allen Willie
St. John's, Newfoundland
SRF-M37V  barefoot

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