Loggings on 730 khz

Kirk Allen <kirk74601@...>

Hello from the flatlands of Oklahoma,

Early this morning I logged two different stations from Mexico on 730.
The one I hrd a definite ID from was XEPQ, Ciu. Muzquiz, CO following
their NA at 1100. The other one I have to call tentative at this point.
I really think it was XEPET, Yucatan from 1058-1100 UTC. They were
definitely speaking an Indian language in what I presume to be Maya
with religious programming. At one point, I believe I hrd a reference
to "Radio Maya", but I never hrd any call letters announced. I know the
listings show they aren't supposed to be on the air that early. I just
thought some of you all might want to check that one out. I'll
certainly be rechecking it asap. Any feedback would be greatly
Have a great weekend!

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