Solution to E100 Tuning Shaft Binding Issue

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     As part of an E100 AM RF alignment, a friend asked me to look at the tuning shaft, which had a binding problem on one side (making the tuner shaft feel somewhat ragged during rotation).  This problem has been reported by several owners, including Gary Kinsman, who reportedly solved his problem by inserting a small piece of a rubber O-ring to act as a shim.
     My own solution, which worked perfectly in this case, was to use a bamboo skewer to apply a small amount of white lithium grease to the tuning shaft in the slot between the circuit board and shaft mounting bracket.  A photo showing this procedure has been uploaded to the group photo site, under the new "E100 Maintenance" album.  Hopefully this simple solution will correct this common problem, and provide smooth bind-free tuning for every E100 owner.
     73,  Gary DeBock  

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