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robert ross

At 04:14 PM 9/25/2008, Paul Logan, Lisnaskea, N. Ireland wrote:

Hi all

a few new ones over the last 24 hours:

1017 TRT1 Mudanya 1200 Turkey 20:00 24/09/2008
1188 Radio Payam, Teheran 100 Iran 20:30 24/09/2008 *
1521 General Programme, Duba 2000 Saudi Arabia 19:45 24/09/2008
540 CBT Grand Falls, NL 10 Canada 06:01 25/09/2008
710 WOR, New York, NY 50 USA 06:25 25/09/2008
810 BBC Scotland, Redmoss,
football 5 Scotland 22:25 25/09/2008
1150 WHBY Kimberly, WI 25 USA 06:30 25/09/2008 *
1200 CFGO Ottawa, ON 50 Canada 05:46 25/09/2008

Barefoot except for those marked * = 4 foot loop.....
NICE Catches Paul.......You continue to amaze us!!!

I'm a few off 400 after the summer break - 500 is going to be HARD.

Hoping for low solar indices and lots of TA's!.

Yeah tell me about it!!!!! I'm stuck at 484 Stations......and it seems I'm
only averaging about ONE new Station a Day!! Maybe once it gets more into
Fall things will pick up.....but it's getting REAL HARD to find New Ones
now!! I'm still hearing Good Stuff...but it's "Good Stuff" I've heard
before!! Every New one makes it all that much harder to find the next New One!!

And yes...I'm hoping for Lots of Trans Atlantics too!! HAHAHAHHA......


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