Re: Introduction

Gary DeBock

Hello Peter,
     Thank you for your introduction, and let me join John in welcoming you to the growing worldwide Ultralight DX team.
     Your impressions of the Sony SRF-T615 were also noted during my 2008 Shootout review (posted on, in which the selectivity was found to be worse than that of the SRF-59/39FP analog units.  However, for those North American DXers fortunate enough to live in quiet locations, the SRF-T615 (with its superior sensitivity) has proven to be very popular.
     John and I are both thrilled that crystal radio enthusiasts are joining our Ultralight DX ranks, and we also are very pleased that the MWN articles have inspired serious European interest in pocket raidio DX.  Please keep us informed about your DX accomplishments, and we wish you the best.
                                                                                                    73,  Gary DeBock 

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