ULTRALIGHT Sunset DX Loggings.....One NEW One + a GHOST!!!!.........

robert ross

Hi Guys:

Got in about 2 Hours of Sunset DXing tonight with the SONY SRF-T615 ULR
Radio. Conditions keep getting better..but it seems I'm just hearing lots
of GOOD RELOGS!!!! Did manage one NEW Station for the ULR Log...and One
UNID...that may be WAZX 1550 from Smyrna Ga????

ULR Log Total is now...........................484 Stations heard


1570 WPGM Danville, PA. Sept/25/08 1800 EDT EE GOOD
Relig Pgm over @ 1800 EDT. AP News . Local PA STate News at 1802.
Mentions of Columbia County, Danville and Northumberland County during
News. Local Weather...72 Degrees in DANVILLE. Into Gospel Music.

RELOG...but NEW for ULR LOG ULR # 484 2.5 KW/220 Watts N
1550 WAZX?? Smyrna, GA. Sept/25/08 2002 EDT SPANISH GOOD
Multi IDS with ECHO EFFECTS by Male DJ as ""La Que Buena". Into
Mexican Flavoured Music with Male Vocals in Spanish. Mixing with CBE

I understood this Station went SILENT as of JULY/2008....and was not back
on as of AUG?? Did they just recently come back on the air??? OR....Is
Someone else now using "La Que Buena" for a Moniker?? I was beaming
SOUTH from London, Ontario.

RELOG if them (WAZX)....could be new if someone else??
Anyone down near Atlanta can help me out with this???



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Box 1003, Stn. B.
London, Ontario

Antique/Vintage Radio Enthusiast
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