A Few New Loggings

Kirk Allen <kirk74601@...>

Howdy Everyone,
I continue to be amazed at the loggings posted here. Congrats to all
you heavy-hitters that make my loggings look like Kindergarten 101,
hi hi. Yes, I can certainly tell the MW DX season is really getting
fired up by the day.

I have to admit that since I bought the E-100, I'd not listened very
much on my SRF-59 that John Bryant so graciously gave to me earlier
this year. But last night and this morning, I decided to check out
the Sony much more. Wow, all the raves about that little radio's
nulling abilities have certainly not been an exaggeration. The Sony's
sound quality and nulling capabilities impressed me very much. It
actually outperformed the E-100 during my last session. I've also
noticed the SRF-59 is much better in eliminating the local noises
here. I used the Sony in conjunction with the E-100, using the Eton
for knowing exactly what freq I was listening to. This was the first
time I personally did a head to head comparison of the two ULRs.
John, it's all your fault that I'm not getting enough sleep, but what
a way to go!

A few noteworthy loggings from this morning were:

CZFM, 740, Toronto from 0423-0608, 9/24, despite the slop from KRMG,
a semi-local here.

KBHB, 810, Sturgis, S.D. (I beleieve a new state for me), 0615-0640
UT, 9/24. Listed night power for them is 60 watts.

KLCN, 910, Blytheville, AR, 0653-0710 UT, 9/24. Listed night power is
85 watts.

KRGI, 1430, Grand Island, NE, 1238 UT, 9/24. Sports scores and lcl
ads. Station #171 so far.

Of course I had a host of UNIDs that need rechecking.

This is too fun!
73 and good listening to everyone.
Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK
JRC NRD-515, Eton E-100, Sony SRF 59, Realistic SW-100

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