Re: pl360 received, first impressions

Phil Pasteur

I kind of figured that is the case. Using the Pl-310 and Pl380 for some time now, I was able to get most things gong on the PL-360. I actually figured out the LW thing by reading somewhere that it would not tune LW except with 9 khz tuning. I am not eve sure exactly how I changed it to 10 khz, but I did. Just fumbling around I guess. When I first tried the ETM, it got darn near nothing. Accidently swithed it to 10 khz and it scaned 35 or so stations.

Gary, thanks for you advice and waiting for your private reply..


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I've gone through my PL-360 manual and cannot find a way of changing the time from 24 to 12 hours. The receiver does not have the "12/24" key found on the PL-310/380.

Good listening.


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