Re: pl360 received, first impressions

Phil Pasteur


I got mine last night. I have not played with it very much, but I agree with what you and others have said. Without Gary's Amido rod this little radio is nothing to brag about on MW. FM as you said. I have not listened to an SW yet.

Quite possibly I got my radio from the same Singapor seller that you did. Mine came with a Chineses manual as well. I wrote and asked the seller for an English manula, but he saind none were avaialble because the radio ws too new. We know that this is not true. Just a warning for folks like me that may want to save a couple of bucks, from the seller on Ebay, lovee5878, as of today anyway, you will not get an English manual.

I have figured most of the functions out as they are similar to my PL-310 and PL-380. I have not gotten it to switch to 12 hour time though. Anyone know how to make it do that.

If anyone has a manual in English for this little radio that they could part with, or would be willing to scan and send to me electronically, it would sure make things easier for me in using my new radio.


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(to Gary: tell me when you can ship my add on antenna..)

I received the pl360 via Singapore (eBay).

FM: weaker than pl310 or pl380.

AM: did a test with the ITAX radio antenna from the fifties:
(uses an EF80 tube as ampli)

Adds 20 dB for AM, when I plug it in the radio.
Adds 50dB for LW (tested on France Inter 162Khz, from 19dB to 70, and up..)

I make loops myself too...

I suppose there is an english pdf manual somewhere, as mine is in Chinese..

The sound of the pl360 is less comfortable, but some people will like
this walkie-talkie kind of radio to play with... I guess adding an AM
antenna connector to the pl380 is something to do ....

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