Re: Poor quality SRF59s - can they be aligned ?

Gary DeBock

Hi Again Huelbe,
     Please don't worry about English here-- if I had to write in Portuguese, it would be a true disaster.
     The SRF-59 (and SRF-39FP) loopstick does have both a larger and smaller coil, but only the smaller (movable) coil is necessary for alignment adjustment.  The larger (fixed) coil is glued in place, and is not designed to be moved at all.
     For alignment, remove all wax bonding the smaller coil to the ferrite bar, and tune in a signal around 600 kHz on the low end of the band.  Using a wooden probe, move the smaller coil about 5 mm either way from its original position, to find the spot of maximum signal reception of the 600 kHz station.  After finding this spot, either glue the coil in this position (if it has corrected the radio's sensitivity problem) or proceed to adjust the upper left trimmer capacitor on the tuner to peak a 1400 kHz signal (for full alignment).  My own alignment procedure is to peak both adjustments repeatedly, until no further improvement is gained.  Then, I glue the loopstick's smaller coil in the peak position, and reassemble the radio.
     The alignment procedure usually gives a big boost in SRF-59 sensitivity, and should be considered by all owners to ensure maximum DX performance.
                                                                                     73,  Gary DeBock

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