Re: (OT) Is it just me, or...

Bill M <radioexray@...>

Stephen wrote:
are my posts the only ones being delayed? I'm seeing posts come up
with timestamps in the last few hours that I originally posted 12-16
hours ago. What gives? Some of them are duplicates, btw. I had
refreshed the main messages page (in another tab - still had the tab
in which I posted open), and didn't see my posts 30 min or so after I
posted (normally it takes only 5 minutes) so clicked "send" again....
and now I'm seeing them come up. Is the board in moderated mode? It
doesn't appear to be - I would think there would be a notice when I
post that would tell me... something like, instead of "Your message
has been posted." it might say "The group is in moderated mode, and
your post is awaiting approval" or something like that.
Its not only you, Stephen. I see the same thing here. I'm new and 'unproven' so I write it off to being a moderated noob although it does sort of irritate me.

Dunno if its moderation or yahoo issues. I use the email mode. A good half of my posts are never seen via email so I wonder what else I missed. When I go to the actual Yahoo Groups site there's a LOT more stuff there than what the email reflector sends me.

I dunno what I don't know about how this stuff works :) It becomes really annoying when you try to participate in real-time conversations.


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