Re: Some random observations on the PL-360

Bill M <radioexray@...>

Stephen wrote:

(By the way, what is that wooden piece running down the pole? If I put my radio next to that, it GREATLY amplifies the signal.)
Half-round, wood, about 1" wide? That's simply a covering for the ground wire. Sometimes plastic is used, sometimes its bare, sometimes the wire is gone in these days of copper theft!

Re the overload aspects...I have a nearby station on 1370. Less than 1/2 mi away - 5kw D, 1kw nite. My PL-380 didn't like it being there :) I *could* tune up close to the 1370 frequency quite successfully but there was some noticeable blocking and 'pausing' while the radio tried to keep up working around the strong signal. That actually affected the entire upper portion of the band to some degree. My 'big' Kaito 1103 isn't bothered near as much by any overload artifacts.

I'm new here so I may have missed any mention of it but an ideal situation to me would be an adjustable attenuator of some sort in conjunction with the external antenna. That way you could "dial it down" according to local conditions and maybe avoid some of the weird effects you get when tuning close to a strong signal.


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