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Hi James,
Thanks for the clarification. I'm certainly no expert on the Anguilla-1610 station or its history, but it is the only Caribbean station I've ever received here in western Washington (along with 530-Cuba, which I needed to go to Grayland, WA to receive). Anguilla-1610 seems to show up only around February or March here, and is usually IDed in the TIS jumble only by the 6090 kHz parallel.

I used to live in Anguilla (1988-1991) before Dr. Scott acquired the station. They operated on both 690 and 1610 from a single tower. I forget if they advertised 100kw on both frequencies but they certainly did on 1610. The ~400 ft stick would be 5/8-wave on 1610 so I suspect there's some additional low angle gain to it.

In more recent times they backed off power on 1610 and the 690 freq went away. In fact I thought 1610 had gone also until just recently when Jim Kearman asked about them and I tuned around to check. Previously 1610 had been almost like a local at my location (160 miles west) and I figured they were gone once 1620-WDHP came on the air from St. Croix a few years ago. It took some careful listening but I found they were still there as of a couple months ago. Sure didn't sound like 10kw, though.

Definitely a good catch from the West Coast!


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