Re: Some random observations on the PL-360

Phil Pasteur

I was going to ask this in a new thread, but this seems to kind of fit here. I have a PL-360 on order and Gary has been kind enought to agree to build one of his 7.5" amidon plug in loopsticks fro me. I have been looking at pictures of the radio and it's dimensions. I am wondering how people support the radio while listening and changing the antenna orientation.
The radio seems to have quite a small base to support and balance such a large antenna on. Are people using some kind of a stand or something?

Now how is that for a "random thought" ?



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Hi Richard:

I second that! With the MW conditions regrouping for a great fall season (i.e., not so great right now...), I have been playing with the shortwave bands as well, and plug both my roof-mounted H900 active whip and/or a indoor Wellbrook FLG-100/Super Loop right into the AM jack, and it works great. Off-tuning by 2-3 khz helps reduce the selective fading on SW, but off course one must bump up the volume a bit to overcome the audio stage soft-mute.

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