New ULR Logging by Future Recruit

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
Rob's buddy Saul Chernos (of Toronto, Ontario) is having fun with his 7.5" loopstick PL-380 at Burnt River, Ontario (pasted below). With the negative influences of Rob and me combined, we'll have him signed up in no time!
73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)
   Heard my first new AM station since acquiring a modified Tecsun 380 - with a ferrite stick antenna added by Gary.

1010 WSPT Steven's Point WI heard last night. No ID noted but the three songs I heard match their playlist, per a station programmer: Doors, Hello I love you, at 3:30 am eastern Friday morning; Beach Boys, Barbara Ann, at 3:15; and City of New Orlans, by Arlo Guthrie, at 3:24. They play oldies at night, I'm told.

Might have had this a few years ago but never caught enough to ID - this time decided to call them. They also stream online live.

I'll take anything new in late May, but this has been on my most-wanted hit-list for awhile. CFRB Toronto was pretty dominant, with WINS NY way behind the lot.

Saul Chernos

Burnt River ON

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