Re: Heard All States...on an Ultralight?

robert ross

John Cereghin wrote:

Rob Ross sent me an update on his ultralight totals (which you can see at the link below).  I noticed he has now heard 41 states on an ultralight and that got me thinking- who will be first to hear all lower 48 on an ultralight?  Alaska and Hawaii don't count!

Well....If we have any ULR DXers in Nebraska...they would have the best shot, being located smack dab in the middle of the Planet!! I think I'm getting close to being Maxed out though. Maybe California is possible...but after that I'm gonna be hard pressed to get any more I think. I had a  Heck of a time logging Arkansas...which was my Closest unheard State. It took me 2 Years of Constant Checking to finally get 1090 KAAY. I think I had them several other times at Sunset....but could never get an ID to go along with the Religious Programming.

How about the first to hear all the Canadian provinces and territories?  Can it be done?  Good luck with PEI (unless you logged them before they went dark on AM) or the territories!  I have PEI in my master log but not in my UL log (unless you count e-skip on FM!).

That's gonna be tough no matter where you are!! Allen Willie is as close as anyone I think. PEI is dead I don't think it's ever gonna happen now. I also have PEI in the OVERALL LOG.......but it's not gonna be heard on ULR...unless someone decides to put a New Station on the air in PEI...which is unlikely! I also have them on FM as well......does that count???? HAHAHA....

Will Kirk Allen be the first to log all Mexican states on an ultralight?

Kirk.....How close are you??? Maybe you have all of them already???? Let us know how many you need still???

For what its worth, I have logged all Delaware counties on an ultralight- all three of them!

John Cereghin WDX3IAO  KB3LYP

I have 1 DELAWARE Station logged on ULR.......and I'm still amazed that I was able to hear that!!

It's gonna take some major Target Listening to get those remaining States......or some STRANGE Propagation at the very least.

73....ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

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