Re: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Sony SRF-...

Gary DeBock

Hi Gil,
     The DT-400W is basically a DT-200VX with an improved RF board (and yellow cabinet), so all of the memory quirks of the DT-200VX have been passed down to the new DT-400W, including the inability to tune away from a memory station without leaving the memory mode.  With the exception of the new "Weather Alert," the functions are about the same.
     The DT-400W would be a nice model to have for its wide-band AM sensitivity, although urban users may not be thrilled with the selectivity.  In a place like Grayland away from local sloppers, it really performs well. There are two mp3 recordings of HLAZ-1566 (S. Korea) and VOA-1575 (Thailand) posted on from my stock DT-400W.
     73, Gary 

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