Re: Poor quality SRF59s - can they be aligned ?


Hi Gary,

thank you for your prompt reply your offer to make alignment for other

In your experience, is it enough to change the position of the smaller coil?
Or is it needed to also work at the bigger coil?

I found the smaller coil very easy to move around. However, I have no idea
how to move the bigger coil over the ferrite core. I think some soldering
work is necessary.

(just to make clear to all friends in this list: SRF59s have one ferrite rod
with two coils - the one to the left has almost two-times more wire than the
one to the right. Bryant and Gary, however, concluded it is electrically one
coil with taps.)


P.S.: I really apologize if my english does not 'sound' well. As I have
never lived abroad, perhaps my text may have expressions and grammar
constructions that are not-polite, rude or uncorteous. This is not intended.

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To Dave Kenny, Huelbe Garcia and Others,

Concerning the Chinese factory alignments of the recent SRF-59 units,
it is typically not accurate, and new units are usually not as sensitive as
possible. After performing 38 SRF-59 alignments for others in North
America, I have discovered that the smaller coil on the loopstick is almost
never in the optimum position to peak a 600 kHz signal, and this simple
adjustment can make a huge difference in SRF-59 sensitivity.

73, Gary DeBock

Original "Ultra-fanatic"

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