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Geography will play a factor.  I'll never get 100 Latins (or Canadians since there aren't that many left on AM) but I'm at 96 Pennsylvania stations and nearly 80 stations from both New York and Virginia, so that's three good possibilities for me.  I have clinched my home state of Delaware but that's only about 15 stations or so.

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This isn't meant as a complaint, only an observation of geographical irony. From here in South Florida, several foreign countries are closer than many Florida stations, and the nearest U.S. state, Georgia! It was harder to log 100 Florida stations than 100 "Latins."

This isn't an award everyone will get easily. If you're DXing barefoot from Kansas there aren't many opportunities. Then again, my chances for logging lots of Canadians or trans-Pacifics from home are limited. You can, however, set your own goals outside of the formal awards program! I like to give them names, like "Operation Python," my attempt to log 150 Florida stations (I'm 9 short). When John Bryant announced the "Centurian" (sic) Award I decided to go for 100 Cuban stations, and I named that project "Operation Bay of Sigs."

Goal setting is good, but DXing is only a hobby. It ought to be fun, and not something we take too seriously!

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