Re: DX Centurian Award Explained....."I Hope"

Horacio Nigro <hanigrodx@...>

Hi from South America!

I also intend to apply for a DX Centurian Award some day in the near future!!!, in my case for 100 Argentinian MW stations heard with UL barefoot (SRF39FP/E-100)! I've just went to the backyard in a cool and windy  and cloudy night and logged my #47, AM990 in Formosa Province, Argentina with my E-100 (611.14 miles)...

My ULR DXing had been rather poor lately with scarce entries in my logbook, but reading this info regarding the Centurian award it refreshes my enthusiasm in ULR DXing.

Moreover, SW DX has became impossible in my QTH due to high noise level (new burglar alarm, new PC with noisier Power Supply, CATV tuner, two TVs... low power consumption lamps, and I suspect even on the refrigerator!!!). Noise has killed DX to many, but ULR is a way to stick with a lifetime hobby!

   Horacio A. Nigro



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