Re: Poor quality SRF59s - can they be aligned ?

Gary DeBock

To Dave Kenny, Huelbe Garcia and Others,
     Concerning the Chinese factory alignments of the recent SRF-59 units, it is typically not accurate, and new units are usually not as sensitive as possible.  After performing 38 SRF-59 alignments for others in North America,  I have discovered that the smaller coil on the loopstick is almost never in the optimum position to peak a 600 kHz signal, and this simple adjustment can make a huge difference in SRF-59 sensitivity.
     The disassembly of the SRF-59 is a little tricky, and the dial reassembly causes problems for many people.  For someone in North America, I can easily align the SRF-59's (or SRF-39FP's) for free (with return postage paid), and would be happy to do this for anyone in the world, if you can send the units to me here in the USA.  Completely defective units are rare, with the most common problem being a noisy tuning capacitor which induces static whenever the frequency is changed.  This happens only on about 10% of the units, but it is incurable without an impractical tuner replacement.
                                                                                                 73,  Gary DeBock
                                                                                                 Original "Ultra-fanatic"  

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