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keith beesley


Your shootouts are always informative and interesting. Do the totals for the Insignia pocket radios include HD sub-channels, or just the main stations?

Haven't had much luck with FM Dx here in the Pacific Northwest, apart from the (very occasional) tropo openings; maybe I'll give it a try this summer with one of those new radios.

Keith Beesley
Seattle WA USA

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That is a lot of stations for that part of northern VT, and
I like your long list of radios too! - FARMERIK

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Welcome to a FM ULR Rodeo!

All radios were tested 11am to 2pm on the same day
from the same location. Each receiver was coupled directly
or inductively to an external FanFare FM26 omni-directional
FM antenna.

Location: We live in a small housing development on
top of a high ridge that overlooks Lake Memphremagog here in
Northern Vermont, very near the Canadian border. The
location of this ridge gives us a 360 degree view of the far
horizon, so it is ideal for FM dxing.

Concerning my test results: As the rodeo clowns say
here: "your results may vary and watch where you step."

CCRadio2 (non ULR)
(SN# 9/09 090131415)
22 FM stations identified

Degen DE15
(SN# FB015169)
49 FM stations identified

Eton E1 (non ULR)
(SN# SL-NO-07899)
58 FM stations identified

Grundig G8
(SN# G80906025696)
40 FM stations identified

Insignia NS-HD01
(SN# 9H250000607)
58 FM stations identified

Insignia NS-R5111
(SN# 9J05A007887)
40 stations identified

Kchibo D96L
(SN# DSP000054081)
40 stations identified

Sangean PRD7 (non ULR)
(SN# 9B041510)
33 stations identified

Sony XDR-F1HD (non ULR)
(SN# 9B-112225)
69 stations identified

Tecsun PL310
(SN# 02/2010 35720100102037)
60 stations identified

Tecsun PL360
(SN# 03/2010 35620091200346)
46 stations identified

Tecsun PL380
(SN# 01/2010 36920100101623)
54 stations identified

Tecsun PL450 (non ULR)
(SN# 02/2010 32120100203018)
49 stations identified

Tecsun PL600 (non ULR)
(SN# 30620090201536)
45 stations identified

Thanks for being here!

John Washburn
Newport, Vermont


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